We are pleased to announce that 

Cool Runnings

Trike Tours

in caleta now have a food collection tub,

so will accept food tins and biscuits along with items for the market stall 

Listen in to hear great music and info from the island.

available via their app, internet radio, and now via your Amazon device, check their facebook page for details of how.

You will also get to enter our competitions usually on one of

Ron Morrow's shows

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In 1997 Twinkle installed the first ever cat café in Fuerteventura.




This one is still in use at

Caleta Dorada, Caleta de Fuste


Twinkle is a small UK registered charity dedicated to helping feral or neglected cats of Fuerteventura. We try to relieve the suffering and ensure the well being of stray and abandoned cats. Our primary role is to humanely manage the feral cat population through treatment and sterilisation.


Since 1995 Twinkle has travelled to Fuerteventura, to carry out neutering campaigns to help the stray and abandoned cats. Twinkle carry's out large scale sterilisation programs several times a year, plus we are neutering cats or being called out for emergencies on an almost daily basis. 



All of us are volunteers and as such are unpaid but we do what we do because we have a respect and love for animals and we know that each of us can make a big difference to every cat we can reach.


Special thanks go to Sr. Fermin Silvera Perera, and the rest of the management and staff from "Turicomplex" who have helped and supported Twinkle from the very first trip in 1995.




As well as helping the stray cats by sterilising them we also install  'cat cafés' in as many locations as possible. This ensures the cats have a supply of fresh food and water, which means they don't have to raid the bins looking for food or try and enter the apartments of holiday makers and upset the guest or the hotel management.

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IBAN, ES16 0081 0695 5700 0115 8319


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