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Just one more sleep till the big day


Below is Ryan's vets for tomorrow with his running number, if you download the Virgin Marathon App you will be able to track Ryan and any other friends you may have competing.


Events have taken a turn for the worse and Raymundo who was the culprit of getting Ryan & Gill involved in Twinkle has become ill, Ray has always needed a lot of veterinary attention, but Ryan and Gill have never batted an eyelid and given him all that he needed and more.

Gill has taken the hard decision to stay in Scotland with Ray, but Ryan & Heather have started their travels to get to London.

Ryan has reached his target money raise, but would'nt it be great to help him surparse that considering the efforts he is going to overcome just to register (train strikes) and then the unexpected hot weather, which will make it such a hard day for everyone.

I for one would'nt have blamed Ryan for pulling out, but no, he said he won't let people down.






This handsome man is blind. we don’t have all the history but he’s been treated and named Ray by the very kind vet in LaJares that has treated and looked after him while he’s adapted to his blindness....which he’s done really well.
Ray was tested and is both leukaemia and aids negative. He’s about 3 - 4 years old, and now also neutered.
The vet is unable to keep Ray, but of course a strong bond has grown between them, so to give Ray the future he deserves we’re trying to help find him a safe and caring home.

Please get in touch you can provide a secure, loving home.



An update on Geoffrey,


Sadly he has been let down by the people that were going to adopt him, we wont go into the reason, but it's very disspointing for Geoffrey and us. Because he has spent so long with us waiting to be off on his journey he will have lost his position in his territory so we cannot just release him back to the big wide world, so we really need to find him a home, can anyone help ??


Meet Geoffrey, he’s been living in a little village but much to the annoyance of the owners and holiday makers visiting the villa he decided to call home Geoffrey had to be moved on.


Thanks to one very nice couple that were spending their holiday at this particular villa, he will be going to live with them in the UK. It was love at first sight and they couldn’t forget about him when they returned home from their holiday.


We are not a cattery or rehoming centre, our foster cages are for sick and injured cats but we had to step in to keep Geoffrey safe and well until he can travel to his new home at the end of April. He’s got a huge appetite and devours his food but he’ll soon learn that he’ll never go hungry again. He is a real foody and so sweet.



An unexpected case today ( I don’t why I say unexpected because there is something everyday), nasty abscess. Lots of cleaning, pain meds and antibiotics needed. He’s not happy being in our foster cage but .... it’s for his own good.



Cilla one of our resident rescue cats has had dental problems for the last 2 years, she also had an aggressive cancerous area of skin around her eye which we had removed about 18 months ago but her mouth has continued to give her pain and discomfort. Last week she had large scale dental work, all her teeth were removed plus she was put on a new course of medication, already she looks so much more comfortable. She now sleeps with her tongue out



Picked up this sweet little girl yesterday for neutering from a little complex in Caleta. She's just 4 months old but was already in the early stages ( thankfully just days) of pregnancy. It’s sad to think that at such a young age the struggle to bring babies into her world would have been upon her in 2 months. We’re keeping her with us for a few extra days to help recover from her surgery, she’ll be a hard kitty to put back because she is so very sweet and friendly.



You may remember baby Buntie (now called Milly) that we took in at the end of last year, this is her now with her 17 year old big bruv Archie, considering Archie & Oscar are oldies they put up with her mad moments really well.

I’m so grateful to Julie and hubby for adopting her, she’s not the fragile little bundle of fluff we found anymore.



Thank you to Jose for sending us this picture of Caramela, she certainly looks happy in your home with with you and your caring family

Thank You Jose for giving little Caramela a wonderful home. Jose had met this little kitty because she was caught in the gardens where he works, he knew how sweet she was and couldn’t stop thinking about her. We’ve spayed her and treated her for fleas and worms, she was ready to go, so he came and collected her yesterday



An update on Valentine


Valentine has had his checkup at Bichos vets today and he's doing great. He has gone from 1.7 kg to 1.9kg.

He is so funny he walks between my feet like a dog at Crufts, climbs up onto my back very gently when I'm bending over to clean his litter box and floor.

He doesn't need any further vet visits, except for when his little boy bits develop, but considering he is about 12 months old and they have "dropped" there's hardly anything to see, so there is no rush to have him castrated.

We are still hoping his special home is out there somewhere, all he needs is love and lots of TLC.



An Urgent appeal, 


This is Valentine ( because he’s so loving) he is a young boy. Less than 12 months of age, right now he is in Bichos vet clinic, receiving the best care possible. He has been tested for feline leukemia and AIDS, good news is he is negative. They have taken blood samples and are sending them off to GC, to check for several causes to his condition, normally the results will not be back for five days but Thursday and Friday herein Fuerte are fiesta, so everything is closed, kindly the clinic has put a rush on the results. 
He is being checked for several things one which includes Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia. This is a non-contagious disease. Which can be caught from the mother during gestation or from a trauma while in the womb, it leaves the cat in a wobbly condition but they still live a very happy life and can improve and adjust given time, what they lack in speed & mobile stability they make up for being very affectionate and good climbers. 
Of course there could be other problems causing his Neurological condition. The blood test is going to cost €150, plus his treatment so far and his stay in the vet clinic, we need to do this to give this poor sweet cat a chance. 
I am pleading with our supporters and anyone you can share this with to donate as much or as little as you can to help us afford his tests and treatment that he will be getting over the next three days in the clinic. 
My Head is telling me for Financial and practical reasons that I must put him to sleep but my heart is telling me I must give this little darling a chance. If he gets through this week I will need to find him a very special home to make all of this worthwhile. 
Having him live here with all our cats is not an option, our doors and windows are open because we have over 70 cats already and I will not leave him in a cage for the rest of his life, so I would need a special home for him. I have until Friday to see what I can do to help Valentine.



Please help us to help Valentine in anyway if you can, we have bucket loads of love, but are really short on money.


Please click on any of our donate buttons, use our bank details shown at the bottom of this page or email if you have any issues.

 Or if anybody would consider adopting this little boy if we think he has the chance of a good life, please get in touch soon as possible.



Please see update above


If you met this little cutie pie you’d be as smitten as we are. This little girl came to us for spaying.

She was found in a maintenance room at one of the hotels in Caleta. She’s only about 4-5 months old, and sooooo hungry.

Shes really, really sweet, she rolls over and loves a fuss and purrs all the time, she’s just adorable. We’ve had her spayed but we thought while she spending a few days with us recovering were hoping somebody genuine would like to offer her a nice home.

She’s not keen on other cats, so ideally a home without cats would be better.

Please get in touch if you would like more details or would like to meet her



Sadly we had to say goodbye to Dante on wednesday, it was unfair to put him through treatment that would not have cured him and only caused him to have poorer quality of life


Remember Dante, he came in several months ago with a nasty ear infection, I got him better and he went back to his “feeders patio” like a new boy.

Now he has developed a nasty flea allergy, skin balding and sore, a possible tumour on his ear and a very sore looking nose which is worrying. Tomorrow we’ll see what the vet says, I pray it’s all treatable and that we haven’t “discovered” the state he’s in too late



Say hi to Walter.


We recently told you about a little complex in Nuevo Horizonte where the owners had to move out, reluctantly leaving behind many cats which were no longer welcome to live in the little garden they had spent all their lives.

We relocated a couple of the cats ( we couldn’t do anymore) and we’ve taken in this big fella because he’s suffering from a bad flea allergy.

We would love to find him a nice, forever home, He was already neutered, we’ve treated him against fleas & worms and the vet treated his skin. In time his fur will grow back.





We’ve had many calls, messages and emails about this cat in El Cotillo. Eventually, thanks to the help of several Twinkle volunteers that were here recently we found out this cat does have an owner and is being treated by a local vet. It does have skin cancer which has developed in its top lip and nose ( I’ve blurred the photo) but the vet and owner are making sure the cat is not suffering, it’s still eating and will get help by the vet when the time comes.

Thank you everyone for your concern.





After many, many weeks trying to catch this poor cat in Nuevo Horizonte we finally managed to get him.

He was friendly enough as long as a trap or cat box was not in his sight. We originally planned to catch him to remove his ears that had developed skin cancer and carry out a dental because he was having trouble eating at times, But sadly the vet discovered he had a spinal injury too.

RIP brave little man.





We have another new boy to add to our family. Bangalore Bill is what we’ve called him, he’s massive and acts like a dopey lion, except if the dogs get to close and then he biffs them!



Recently we told the story of Bubbles an adorable young girl who chose to pull out her stiches twice after being spayed.

We are delighted to say that she has now recovered and has been adopted by Peter, she has now gone to her new home where we are sure she will have all the cuddles and interaction that she craved whilst in our care.

Thank you Peter.



We had a call from some very nice holidaymakers that had got stuck on the island after their flight was cancelled because of snow in the UK.

They thought there was a very pregnant cat at the little complex where they were staying  in Nuevo Horizonte, in actual fact the cat was an already castrated male that is just nice and fat.

The sad part is, we sterilised 27 cats on this complex in 2014 which were getting fed by some very kind people that rented an apartment on the complex, but the nice couple have had to leave (I believe for feeding the cats) and so now the cats are left hungry and confused after being cared for all their lives.

We’ve removed and relocated a few of the cats but can’t do more. There are no longer 27 cats, I believe there are only about 10 cats in the complex now, but they are all neutered so will not cause a problem with new litters of kittens, fighting & mating. I’m praying the cats we had to leave behind will be safe and find food and water ( we did offer to put in a cat cafe but they would rather not have one).

Sorry about the dark photos, but it was late the other night when we went.




Thank you to Claire Anderson for spending the week with us, Prior to coming out Claire raised an amazing £620 from family, friends and clients of Brookmead Vets, she also collected toys, food and other items we could use, including flea,worm treatments and antibiotics from Brookmead.
We had a good week carrying out many important tasks, and are so pleased Claire was able to join us.
We just hope she will be able to join us again, that is if we have not frightened her off



February 21st, --28th

We are being joined on the island by Claire Anderson who is a final year veterinary nurse student at Brookmead Vets in Cranleigh Surrey. Claire has been with Brookmead for 3 years now, but has been seeing practice for 9 years.
Claire, Gill & Ryan Christie and myself are aiming to attend those cases that are unusual, time demanding, but need to be addressed.
With the kind support of Brookmead Vets who look after all our cats in the south of the UK, Claire has a ...display board in their reception area, which has attracted lots of interest, they also have a collection tin at reception and Claire has also been kindly sponsored by friends and family to help us to cover the costs of neutering some of those we aim to catch.
Brookmead Vets have also kindly donated supplies that have become close to their expiry date, but that we will be able to use in time.
We are looking forward to having Claire join us and to be able to compare together the differences between companion animals and those that are truly feral.



Mussy is looking for a genuine home after her Italian owners went to Italy for two weeks and have not returned so longer want her. She is three years old, and already sterilised. She is a very sweet natured girl, nobody deserves to be left behind like a piece of old furniture. Please get in touch if you can help.



We are relieved and so grateful to have received a grant from The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust. The grant has been used to pay some of the veterinary clinic expenses for the neutering and emergency treatments of the homeless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura and also helped us with the purchase of cat food for our stray cat feeding stations (cat cafes) as well as some wet food for the rescued and resident animals in our care.


Thank you



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