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Norbert - now adopted,


He’s found true happiness with a family that will never let him down.



This lovely old guy has for many years been living in one of the hotels that have one of our cat cafes, we’ve noticed over the last two years that he’s been getting frail. Sadly this week we had to say goodbye to him. But Twinkle would like to thank the kind holidaymakers and Judy for firstly making us aware his condition had deteriorated and for Judy getting to him and to the vets within the hour.

RIP sweet man.



Krumel & Schnupsi.

Hopefully you will remember them from our previous posts before Christmas. One of them was found in the road unable to breathe with a kind of asthma attack, and the other little one was found in the road ( yes the road again) after it had been avoiding cars “unsuccessfully”.

 We are very happy to say that today they went together to a wonderful new home, Mum and Dad had the toys and beds all ready and waiting for their arrival.



Mussy is looking for a genuine home after her Italian owners went to Italy for two weeks and have not returned so longer want her. She is three years old, and already sterilised. She is a very sweet natured girl, nobody deserves to be left behind like a piece of old furniture. Please get in touch if you can help.



We’ve been asked to help this injured cat, not sure what happened but it can’t lift it’s tail.

I’m hoping it’s just an infection and nothing broken. We’ll know more tomorrow once it’s seen the vet.



This sweetie is again looking for a home as she has been returned.

Sadly her trial did not work out, but it appears not through any fault of her own, she settled with the other cat in the home, but the other did not with her.

She is very friendly, loves a cuddles and attention.

She has been treated for fleas & worms, vaccinated and microchipped.

if you, or anyone you know may be able to offer a forever home please email


She is in the Surrey area of the UK


Why not join the growing select group of twinkle cat owners



February 21st, --28th

We are being joined on the island by Claire Anderson who is a final year veterinary nurse student at Brookmead Vets in Cranleigh Surrey. Claire has been with Brookmead for 3 years now, but has been seeing practice for 9 years.
Claire, Gill & Ryan Christie and myself are aiming to attend those cases that are unusual, time demanding, but need to be addressed.
With the kind support of Brookmead Vets who look after all our cats in the south of the UK, Claire has a ...display board in their reception area, which has attracted lots of interest, they also have a collection tin at reception and Claire has also been kindly sponsored by friends and family to help us to cover the costs of neutering some of those we aim to catch.
Brookmead Vets have also kindly donated supplies that have become close to their expiry date, but that we will be able to use in time.
We are looking forward to having Claire join us and to be able to compare together the differences between companion animals and those that are truly feral.



Thanks to Caleta Repertory Amateur Productions, Twinkle Trust Animal Aid last night received €1200.

CRAP (as they affectionately call themselves) ran a series of “fun-tastic pantomimes” of Alice in Underland at the Broncemar Tavern to raise donations for 4 chosen charities,

Twinkle  was one of charities to benefit from the pantos.

An amazing total of €7000 was raised thanks to the supporters,sponsors (and creative cake makers that were raffled off) and everyone who took part both in front and behind the scenes . Thank you one and all.



While trying to catch another white cat with cancer of the ears last week , we picked up this pretty girl. Thankfully her ears and nose are clear of any skin cancer, we have spayed her and she will Soon be ready to go back to her feeding spot. Thank goodness you won’t be able to have any more white kittens.







Sorry about the blurry pics, these are a few of the cats we’ve helped to be sterilised last week.

Kitten season will not be a problem in the next 2 months for these little girls



Pathos, Athos & Aramis in their new home



A huge thanks to Mirco & Sarina of Natural Instinct doggie grooming and pet food shop, for donating all this great quality food. The cats think it’s Christmas again



We recently attended a kitten with severe mange, so bad she had huge cracks covering her underbelly and legs and bleeding everywhere.

Many hours were spent trying to catch this poor little girl, and we must thank Luke & Lou for finally catching her, and Judy for getting her to the vets straight away.

Sadly she was suffering too much and the vet kindly put her out or her misery.

3 more cats have now been caught and taken to the vets for treatment, that left only 2, but unfortunatley someones dog was loose in the complex and chased the dogs over a wall, we are hoping they will come back so we can get them treated.



Martin & Caroline Victoria Bliss tied the knot on September 12th in Gibraltar, to celebrate their marriage they threw a great party at their beautiful home shortly afterwards.

In lieu of presents they asked for donations which they gave to Twinkle Trust.

An amazing total of €217.55 was raised from gift money and a further €130 was donated by Paul Davis (aka Spike) for being the DJ on the night.

The party was great fun, as always Martin & Caroline were wonderful host’s and the food and drink was delicious.

We’d like to say a big, big thank to everyone, especially Martin & Caroline’s family and friends and Spike for being so generous and including Twinkle in such a happy event.



Remember Stanley?

He arrived with a broken elbow that had healed and set in a bad way. We ended up having to amputate his front broken leg but know he luvs and lives the life of luxury with his new mums and other feline family in the UK.



We are so thankful that Timmy has found his new home, Angie decided she didn't like the thought of him in the cold weather we were due so offered him a chance.
Now Timmy loves nothing more than cuddling up in the evenings after spending the day being spoilt with food and a nice warm sofa to lay on.
Thanks Angie, Good luck Timmy



We are relieved and so grateful to have received a grant from The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust. The grant has been used to pay some of the veterinary clinic expenses for the neutering and emergency treatments of the homeless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura and also helped us with the purchase of cat food for our stray cat feeding stations (cat cafes) as well as some wet food for the rescued and resident animals in our care.


Thank you



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