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Here are 16 cats living in a garden, 9 females and 7 males. Imagine by the spring would have been a family of 30 or 40 or 50 or more kittens. They are very kindly fed by the daughter that gives them scraps of food.



We’re carrying out some more stray cat neutering this week. We caught this little girl in the same place we found blind Mabel in September. We’ve called her Baby Buntie because she’s so sweet and playful. You can see here she’s got the flu and were treating her with eyedrops and antibiotics. Hopefully when she’s well we can find her a nice home.



We found Schnupsi several weeks ago when he was just laying in the road in a small village near the airport. He didn’t move when cars raced passed him, he was so weak and suffering from a very bad case of bronchitis. He spent 4 days in Bichos vet clinic, where he received several treatments a day on a nebuliser and various other intravenous medication.

We have been fostering him and he is now feeling so much better.

We discovered on one of his x-rays he has an old fracture to his spine, but this is in operable and unnecessary as it doesn’t seem to bother him, because it has healed naturally.

Schnupsi has been having daily walks on a harness in the fosterers garden  and he’s now ready for a new home.

Can anyone help?.

We love the heart shape patch on his side. He’s very sweet natured and friendly.



Krumel is looking for a safe,loving home. We had an emergency visit by some very kind holiday makers that saw him in laying in the road after he had been hit by a car. His right hip was fractured. He’s now recovered and doing so well. He won’t need any further treatment for his injury, and would love a good home. He’s very friendly and playful.



Aramis,Pathos & Athos. 3 very handsome brothers that need our help.

Previously they were owned but because of family illness they were no longer cared for.

All of them needed to be sterilised, Aramis had a fractured leg, and Pathos had an internal injury that needed vet treatment, luckily we got them before anything could happen to Athos.


Twinkle has neutered them all, and they were blood tested negative for feline leukaemia and AIDs which is a great relief. 

Until recently they were being being fostered, but we now have them with whilst their fosterer is away.

we need to find them safe, loving homes, so if you could offer them a safe forever home, or know someone that could, please contact us.


We are relieved and so grateful to have received a grant from The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust. The grant has been used to pay some of the veterinary clinic expenses for the neutering and emergency treatments of the homeless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura and also helped us with the purchase of cat food for our stray cat feeding stations (cat cafes) as well as some wet food for the rescued and resident animals in our care.


Thank you



Zack has had his much needed dental. We’ve been letting him in the house as he was feeling under the weather. We even had him microchipped so he can open the cat flap and come in whenever he wants ( it took a bit of training and learning but he got it in the end), at first he’d just sit at the cat flat flap with it clicking to let him in but he’d just stare through the plastic flap. Problem is now he’s feeling better he’s getting a bit bossy with the dogs and is peeing on things he shouldn’t. Like my clean washing



This little one was picked up by some kind holiday makers when they found him laying in the road after he had been hit by a car. He doesn’t appear to be in distress and has no visible injuries, he has been checked over by our vets and is now being fostered whilst waiting to fing a home




We have listed the calendars at last, they are on eBay, so please search Twinkle Trust animal Aid calendars, we will add a link here asap,

   Thank you

We have now sent the order to the printers for our 2018 calendar, once we have supplies we will get them placed for sale.

If you are in Fuerte and would like one, they should be on the island at the end of November



Tuesday afternoon after a long day in her flight crate Mable arrived into Gatwick airport, she was very relaxed unlike the rest of us who were so worried she would travel ok.
Jenny Billimore checked her in at Fuerte airport early in the morning ready for her TUI flight, once at Gatwick she had her passport checked and once all was cleared she was on her way home with Catherine Gibson.

Here are some photos of her relaxing and exploring her new home.

Thank you to everyone that was kind enough to help this very special young lady.

Miss Mable has passed her driving test👏.


After much waiting for the wounds on her face to heal, we put Mable in her flight travel box and took her for a spin around the village. I was nervous knowing how she panicked previously and hurt her face on the bars of the cat basket, but we've been putting her meals and toys in the flight box and It seems to have worked. Mable was very brave and now ready to fly to her mum in the UK.




Bonita’s neck injury is healing very nicely. This is her angry face because I’m cleaning and putting on her special cream

Well that will teach me. 6pm last night I told a friend I wasn't going to the vets AGAIN until Monday, having been there practically everyday, somedays twice a day over the last few weeks I needed to get on with other things. Well 1 hour later we find Bonita with a nasty burst abscess on her throat. She's had the wound cleaned and a course of antibiotics, she should be fine in no time. My lips are sealed



Has anyone lost this super friendly castrated little man?.

We picked him up opposite the airport because he was found laying in the road, not moving out of the way of cars and breathing with difficulty. We rushed him to our vets where they gave him a thorough examination and some blood tests. He is negative for feline Felv, & Fiv, but the x-ray shows he has bronchitis. He is still in the vets having lots of care, several times a day he's put on a nebuliser to try and help him with his breathing. He doesn't have a microchip.



One of the hotels that has a couple of our Cat Cafes in Caleta is carrying out some renovation work, so one cafe has been temporarily moved until work is completed. Thankfully the cats have found the cafes new location ( sorry about the dark blurred photos it was late and dark when we went to clean and refill them).




Still looking for a home,


UK cat,
This is Timmy, whose owner died recently, He is still being cared for at his home by neighbours, but really needs to find a new home before his is sold. Although I was told he was not a lap cat he loved me picking him up and cuddles, he is over 10 years old, but seems in very good health.

We are not sure of his behaviour with other cats, as he was the only cat in the household and spent a lot of the time outside.
He is in the Dorking Surrey area, so please if you think you could offer him a home,

contact me on
Thank you, Alun



Some of our regular supporters may be pleased to see some of the lucky cats we have been able to rehome in the last eight weeks, it make it all worthwhile seeing them all looking safe, loved and content.



An update on Buster. After we were told about a cat with a tail that was literally rotting and failing off we then had to try and trap him despite that fact he was wearing a collar, he was to afraid to come close.

but with the help of a very kind couple that live opposite where he was coming for food, who we lent a trap, they managed to catch him.

Unfortunately we were unable to trace his original owners and he doesn't have a microchip.

Buster had to have his tail amputated and was given a course of antibiotics & strong pain medication.

His wound is healing great and the best news ever is that he's been adopted by the couple that trapped him. No longer afraid and living rough he has shown what a gentle,sweet and loving guy he is.



Another emergency this week was this poor little girl with several injuries to her tail, not only was it broken it was deeply infected in 2 places and had spread very deep inside her.

The wounds were infested with maggots. The kindest thing we could do was gently put her to sleep, which our vet did immediately.

This was a real team effort, I would like to thank the couple that were feeding her for caring enough to take several nights to trap her and a huge thank you to my friend Judy for running around dropping the trap and basket off and collecting this poor cat and bringing her to Twinkle.



Born on a roof top, and when the owner of the building has enough of them she puts them in a cardboard box in the street,

Needless to say they won't be going back!!, and now we've managed to catch mum and she is booked in to be sterilised



Some good news, Maddie's 2 shy little girls have gone to a really great forever home with a nice genuine Spanish family only interested in adopting rescued kittens and willing to put the time in to make them happy kitts.

Thank you Frederico and your lovely family


Only another 10-50 that need homes now




Lunch and sleep time for the 3 kitts (all girls it turns out) that we recently caught at Barcelo Club reception. We were going to feed them up, neuter them and return them asap.But the day after we caught them their tree and a big bush they knew as home were pulled out for redevelopment work. Luckily 1 of them has a good home to go to soon.






And as if things are not bad enough, another 3 kittens found dumped at rubbish bins in Antigua, and these one are sick as well. Arrangments have been made to get them veterinary treatment.

This really needs to stop now, not only is it irresponsible, but Twinkle cannot deal with anymore




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