We are pleased to announce that 

Cool Runnings

Trike Tours

in caleta now have a food collection tub,

so will accept food tins and biscuits along with items for the market stall 

Listen in to hear great music and info from the island.

available via their app, internet radio, and now via your Amazon device, check their facebook page for details of how.

You will also get to enter our competitions usually on one of

Ron Morrow's shows

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Martin Creese has kindly set himself the challenge of cycling from Corralejo to Morro Jable, a distance of about 125 km.

Martin is asking for sponsors and is donating all the money raised to Twinkle.

You can either see martin in person or you can sponsor him on the link below.

Thank you Martin & and everyone who kindly sponsors him.



We gave been told today that the Parque Holandes car boot market will be back on this Sunday 28th and the following week 7th March.

After that we will see which tier we are in but hopefully we are back properly now!.

Come along and say hi, browse for some bargains or have a coffee and brunch.

If anyone is able to help for the morning or even a couple of hours please message - the car boot crew all have various ailments at the moment that means if you put us all together you might get one fully functioning body!



A little update for all of you that have been waiting to hear about Poppy.

Beautiful Poppy had her operation on Saturday and is now recovering with us.

Poppy is a bit bruised and on medication for pain every day and she’s surprisingly happy and getting about just fine. She has such a wonderful nature and is so sweet.

Only problem is Poppy doesn’t like her plastic collar, during the day she’s ok but at night she keeps getting it off, she’s pulled her stitches out twice now, once while in the clinic post surgery and again the night before last. It’s really important her wound stays clean and stitches stay put until Tuesday when her stitches can come out.

We’ve adapted her collar and hope she keeps it on now but she a clever monkey and wedges her head in places and reverses to get the collar off, otherwise she’s a perfect beauty and so affectionate. And the best news ever she has a great new home to go to once she’s recovered




This handsome chap lives in a pretty rough area, but gets fed each day by a kind resident. Twinkle was asked to help because he had a very big abscess that needed urgent treatment, plus he needed sterilising.

We’ve done all the above and as you can see he’s looking a lot happier now.

He was also given flea and worm medication.



This little girl is already sterilised but had a nasty eye infection.

Twinkle has paid for her to go to Bichos Clinic where she was examined and her eye was cleaned up and she was given medication.

She’s so friendly. Is she lost ?

The lady that gives her food each day will continue giving her eye medication and hopefully she’ll feel better soon.



This young lady we have called Poppy seems to have been caught up in the moving parts of a car engine, somewhere she has chosen before to use as a home for herself and kittens.

She has a nasty injury to her front lower leg, with missing and rotting skin, and exposed bones.

Thanks go to Emervet for opening up for this emergency, and the care given.

Poppy was transfered to Bichos veterinary surgery where the planned surgery will take place.

Thank you to everyone that has donated to her cause, without this her outlook looked very bleak.





Thanks to you our life saving supporters, who’s donations we couldn’t continue without, we’re able to sterilise these 2 beautiful girls next week.

They are booked in at the vets and soon won’t have to worry about having more kittens, especially as kitten season is going to be upon us soon.

Your donations mean the world of difference-thank you.



 A spay in time saves 100’s.

Thanks to your donations 2 more little girls now spayed and protected from having endless litters that would have needed somewhere safe to grow, and find food where it’s already hard to find and then of course needing neutering themselves in time to stop the circle.




Fonzo and Simba snuggled up for the night. They are really loving kitties once they get to know you, they especially like cuddles, food (lots of food) 😉 and playing in the garden.

We would love to find them a good home together with a safe garden to play in.

They are neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.

Adoption fees, home check and adoption contract applies.




Thanks to L & D this old chap was caught and taken to the vets 2 days ago after we were told he’s not eating at our cat café and not

interested in wet food either.

The vet said he’s got very sore and inflamed gums and has had long term pain and antibiotic injections and we’ll see how he is in 2 weeks.

Think he may need a dental because his teeth were also in a mess



Our sweet old dog “Koki” needs to spend the day in the vet clinic tomorrow to test his glucose levels every hour, to check he’s got the right balance with his twice daily insulin injections and food.

Dreading it because he will not have a clue what’s going on and we’re sure he will get stressed but it needs to be done. and we’re going with a positive, everyday attitude so he doesn’t get worried.

He’s still a happy little soldier 🐶.Cats and dogs never fail to humble me.





Hi for those of you that remember Manuel from Castillo Playa. We had to take him when lock down came in place and at 17 years old I never expected to find him the home he needed, but he was quickly snapped up and given the home he’s always wanted.

Thank you T & L for being his purr-fect mum and dad.




Two more lucky fellas Twinkle neutered last week, and of course the vet gave them anti flea and tick medication whilst they were asleep.

Have a good life boys




Happy Sunday everyone. Thought you may like to see a little video of some of the cats getting a nice treat of a pouch of food while Alan cleans and replenishes the cat cafés.
They are missing the holiday makers though, we do try and explain to them what’s happening and it’s not forever and as soon as possible you will all be back



A few days ago we were asked to help this friendly little girl from near Zanzibar because she wasn’t using one of her front legs.
L & D got to her immediately and took her straight to Bichos Clinic. Thankfully it was just a wound to one of her toes, although very painful!.
She was given 2 injections of long acting antibiotics and painkillers and will hopefully be feeling better real soon, if not we need to pop her back to the vets hospital



Koki update,

Our little soldier Koki enjoying the sunshine today. He has been back and forth from the vets due to his recent diabetes diagnosis. He’s still eating and smiling, always so easy going and a happy 17 year old. We’re still waiting to get the right “curve” balance on his insulin dosage. We can’t explore any more than an ultrasound ( which he allows very calmly to be done) on his enlarged liver because he’s too old to have an anaesthetic or biopsy done. But he’s still happy and loving life and that’s all that matters




Our 17 year old darling Koki was diagnosed with diabetes and liver problems today.

He used to be the old village dog but joined our family years ago and still can’t believe his luck and wakes up with a wagging tail and smile every day.

Tomorrow we must take our old solider back to the vets to see what needs to be done to keep him enjoying life.

He’s still happy and wanting to enjoy life so that’s what we’re going to do no matter what it takes.



Neolani was a very undernourished, unsterilised male cat that appeared asking for food and help.
Twinkle has paid for his vet treatment and neutering and he’s now in fantastic condition thanks to his foster mummy.
He did test positive for feline leukaemia but shows no signs of illness.
He’s a really funny, cheeky boy.
He’s good with dogs. With some more energetic dogs sometimes he can hiss at them if they bounce about to much for him. He even seems to like the company of dogs. But he's also a cat that can entertain himself.
He's good with other cats. Positive cats can live for many years if given love and a good mum or dad.
All he needs now is a permanent dream home.
Please contac for further information 🙏🏽. He deserves a second chance.



One rather big macho male and a sweet little female caught in Caleta de Fuste, taken to Bichos clinic for neutering and given bed and breakfast during recovery by lovely volunteers L & D .

Thank you guys 



This not so young girl lives at the Elba Sara, I’ve had so many messages about her letting me know she couldn’t eat, was drooling all the time and was losing weight.
Today thanks to volunteer help she was taken to Bichos for her appointment. Her mouth was in a shocking state, but her teeth weren’t the problem, her gums were raw.
Bichos carried out a full examination and ran full blood tests to try and see if we could help her. Sad to say she tested positive for feline leukaemia and had hardly any red blood cells, this meant her immune system was fighting a losing battle and explained why she couldn’t eat.
Let me add some cats that are positive can lead happy long lives if cared for in a home environment, but when they are living on the streets it’s 1000 times harder. 
Sadly all we could do was lay her to rest as gentle as possible.
RIP little girl, you will be missed by many that visit this hotel.



Another cat has suddenly appeared at one of our cat cafés this recently 😞.

He/she is booked to go to the vets on Wednesday to scan for a microchip, have a health check and see if he/she needs neutering.

I’m speechless yet again on how many people are abandoning their ‘pets’ at this time.

Maybe it has a microchip and it’s lost, we shall see!

Your animal family members don’t deserve to be treated like this!




This poor little street girl, who gets fed and was being temporarily looked after by her kind feeder was recently being treated for inflammation of her eye and the diagnosis was still being decided but on medication for pain and swelling, but over the weekend it became life threatening, something from the inside was developing fast.

Our first thought was to remove her bad and very painful eye and she was referred to another clinic but on the vets advise she was put to sleep as they believe a tumour was the cause.

Twinkle has paid for 2 vet clinics to assess and help this little girl, even though it wasn’t the outcome any of us wanted we still have to cover the bills.

Your suffering and pain is now over little girl




2 more cats we hope to trap and neuter very soon.

The all black has kittens but they are able to eat alone and so we must help the mummy cat quickly before she has even more mouths to feed



Sleep well Mr M and little one.
Over the last month we’ve had to help 2 adorable cats that were suffering from skin cancer of the nose.
Sadly the only way we could help them was to have them put to rest.
This condition is so common here, normally on white noses and ears, and we see it too often, if not helped these cats would die a slow and awful death.
One of them I’m sorry to say was Mr M, a cat many of you know from Castillo Beach Lake from your holidays.
Mr M was given a home by a very special couple 7 months earlier, he already had the start of skin cancer when they called us after he had been hit by a car and we rushed him to the vets and they continued to feed and look out for him once he’d recovered and within no time he followed them home and became part of their family.
The other cat was being fed and looked after and taken in (when some fireworks were set off over Xmas and new year) by a very kind couple who were about to go back to the England as they don’t live here but had taken her under thier wing and thought she had an injury to her nose.
RIP babies



So pleased and relieved to let you all know we managed to find a home for this a little brother and sister recently.

We  trapped them opposite the airport and they were pretty terrified at first, but are already showing how sweet and grateful they are



Within the last 2 weeks over 31 cats have been sterilised, treated for parasites & 1 cat given long lasting antibiotics & pain meds after being hit by a car.

Suza & Cat are so dedicated and have worked so hard and gone to places no tourists would ever see to help get the "invisible" cats we know about.



Update on Little Pete, 
Here he is having a little bit of fresh air and exercise whilst being closing monitored by his mum. Last week he had surgery carried out by the specialist that came over from Lanzarote and was operated on at Fuerte Pets, who gave a charity discount price of €535 for the surgery.
We don’t have the money in the bank to cover his full expenses but little by little it will get paid.
The surgery went well and for the next 2 months he needs to keep all the metal implants and collar on. His new mum has discovered he is deaf as well, which may explain how he was hit by the car that left him to die. He’s needs lots of checkups and medication for pain and antibiotics but he is such a happy boy. We will keep you posted on his progress. Thank you Noelia for being there to help him and to those of you that have donated towards his medical bills.Your help can mean the difference between life or death!
06 dec
We are still helping to neuter the 20 cats that are being feed by a very kind family that can hardly afford food for themselves.
This is one of the cats from the group and he has a broken front leg that only a specialist from another island can repair.
Our big problem is the surgery will cost €535, plus pre and post care.
He has been offered a very good home if all goes well but we just cannot afford the vet bill, because we MUST continue with neutering and providing food at over 19 cat cafes.
He can be operated on when the specialist comes to the island on Tuesday but we need all the help we can to raise the money.
We have also set up a Virgin Money Giving page in the hope we can help this littel man, you can also get a little more on the story 
22 nov     



If you click on the photo you will see how well Pretty is doing 🙂.

Remember “Pretty” the little kitten that was found in the capital Puerto del Rosario, very sick and alone, huddled up in a corner near a bush.

It would have been easy to not see her but thankfully she was spotted by a very kind woman and we organised for Pretty to be taken to Bichos vet clinic.

Well, after much care and treatment and lots of love Pretty has recovered and now in a great home



This poor little girl was hit by a car last week and went missing.

Thankfully she’s reappeared but limping and with a badly broken jaw that needed urgent surgery.

She has been operated on but we need help to pay €100 towards her vet bill❤️.

She’s recovering well so far and eating and being looked after by her feeder.



An answer to a question we've been asked many times regarding the costs incurred by us for neutering

This is not a straight forward answer but we hope this is enough to give you a clear guide.

Prices vary at each clinic, the more we neuter at some clinics the more discount we receive.

We use 4 different clinics depending on the cats condition, location of the cats, and location of the volunteer or trappers. For neutering, on average we pay €75 per female and €55 per male, which includes flea and worming for every cat.

Twinkle currently owes in excess of €12k in vet bills!

We are regularly paying chunks off the bills but every week we have more cats that need our help.


       We really want to stop cats ending up like this one below,               especially as many are just kittens themselves

We are currently helping 4 separate colonies of between 7-10 cats in each, and also several lone cats that need neutering ASAP.

There are more cats out there that need help but we can’t cope with more logistically or financially.  

Our mission is to always try and get every single cat in a colony neutered, leaving just 1 female cat unneutered can put us back to square one within months, so it’s a constant effort.


   If we miss just one cat mature enough to                breed, this is what can happen.



As you may have seen, this apology had been published in Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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