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This is somewhat of a personal post, because Twinkle Trust Animal Aid is a huge part of mine and many others lives.It’s also a very difficult post, it’s hard to put into words how I feel.
There is no other option and Twinkle will be reverting back to how we first began helping the cats of Fuerteventura 27 years ago, in these years over 27,000+ cats and kittens have been helped by Twinkle.
We will continue to carry out feral cat neutering campaigns when volunteers & funds allow and of course we will keep and continue maintaining and providing fresh dry food and water at all the cat cafés that are already installed, thanks to the devoted volunteers we already have here in Fuerteventura.
We will continue to try and help with emergency veterinary assistance and medical treatment for the homeless cats if someone with a car is able to step in and help get a homeless sick or injured cat or kitten to one of the vet clinics we work with, with the usual prior authorisation from us to the clinic.
I cherish the moments of every animal we’ve helped, and every kindness I’ve seen from people that have the least to offer but give their gentle caring touch to those that have needed it or loving homes to help a voiceless creature.
You are some of the most amazing, wonderful people that I’ve been privileged to know. Too many to mention individually. I’m used to dealing with stress, and then more stress, tears and then more tears. I’m used to dealing with financial instability, shortage of physical help and the emotional highs and lows that tear you apart.
Now because of physical illness, lack of UK volunteers and lack of funds, it means changes must be made, we can no longer have a permanent base in Fuerteventura.
We at Twinkle have been blessed to have the most amazing friends, supporters and volunteers, who’s compassion,
kindness, generosity, incredible hard work and selfless dedication have amazed and humbled me, their friendship from many of them have held true, some for as long as 3 decades of Twinkling, without you all we could not have got this far.
Thank you each and everyone.



2 weeks ago one of the kittens we took in and never got adopted last October was either hit by a cat or attacked by a dog, resulting in a nasty break and torn skin.
Finding out he needed specialist surgery was a shock but he’s worth the €530 that is needed for the operation, which he is now had.
He’s got several pins in his leg and dozens of stitches both sides of his leg.
He’s on complete cage rest except for when we get him out to give him a cuddle, which he thoroughly loves.
Fingers crossed this adorable little fella recovers quickly and well, he’s so tolerant of the pain he is in and the medication and cage rest he must have


Last week a kind holiday maker told us this cat wasn’t able to use his front leg, he was kindly taken to the vets by a super helpful volunteer and as these things happen Luca Boo has we know him walked completely ok in the vets and nothing around could be found  but again this week the kind hotel staff called us to say he was again not using his foot.

So thanks to helpful people again he went back this Monday and we found he had a nasty abscess on his pad.

He was so well behaved while it was lanced and given Convenia long acting antibiotics and LA pain injections.

He should now feel so much better. He such a sweet boy, please say hi if you see him about.



Amongst a group of cats we have been sterilising are 4 females, they have all given birth😞, as always some of the kittens and mothers don’t survive.

This little baby is now on medication and being careful looked after by her feeder.

Twinkle is assisting with all the vet appointments and medication expenses needed.

Any help to give good care to this baby and responsible adoption would be a great help.

All expenses paid by Twinkle.

It takes great dedication and time to care for such fragile sick kittens.

Genuine responses only please.



Sad news to have to report.
Mr Big Chops had to be put to sleep this week.
He’s been a big favourite for many years at one of the hotels in Caleta and we know many of you would want to know how things went.
He had very enlarged liver which was really painful and his intestines were enlarged.
He was open mouth breathing too and was under physical stress by the journey to the clinic just by his bad condition, He’d lost a ton of weight since last seen.
In agreement with the vet he was pts in my lap.
He also had fluid in his lungs but that might be from when he fell into the pool the day before because he was unsteady on his feet.
I’m glad I was able to help him.
The ladies and all of you that messaged us are very nice and clearly cared.
RIP old friend



Aunty Judy giving cuddles to a rather insistent little fella we have. He’s such a poppet and won’t take no for an answer when we’re busy and just stars climbing up your legs, hence the jeans that are always needed here



Another little darling girl who recently appeared at a complex ! She’s now spayed, de flead and wormed and has a great home to go to. She’s only about 8 months young and so slim and sweet.



2 lucky female beautiful sisters Twinkle helped and sterilised recently. Now they have a peaceful home and dad. All thanks to your donations and support.



This week we helped neuter 2 more lucky boys, they are part of a very big colony of cats we’re helping.

At the moment there are some females but they have all just given birth, this breaks my heart, the mums do such an amazing job trying to keep their babies safe and nurished.

We will spay the mums when the kittens are 8 weeks young and eating and bigger.

Such a shame we couldn’t get to them before they were pregnant, but slowly, slowly thanks to our supporters donations we will get every last cat of this large group neutered and they can live in harmony and have a much better chance of a healthy and safe life.



A little update for you all on Urma. 

She has retuned again for a vet check up and to have her stitches removed and she’s doing brilliantly.

She still has some healing to do but she’s adapting to life with just 3 legs very well and is a bundle of joy.

In a couple of months Twinkle will assist her more and have her spayed.

So for now she’s still confined to indoors but it’s all for the best and soon she will be feeling even better.



Remember the little girl we helped recently. Well this week she’s had her badly damaged leg amputated and as you can see she is recovering really well.

It was a big operation and she’s on plenty of pain medication and will go back in 10 days for a check up.

She would love a home.

I can put you in touch with her foster mum if you can offer a genuine home. Spanish and English speaking




And another 2 very nervous furball cats sterilised a couple of days ago thanks to local residents help in trapping and taking to the vets for us.

This is such a big help and means we can carry on dealing with other work, and such love given during recovery too, it makes all the difference.

They were a little afraid at first once trapped but soon calmed down, and now will have a safer, healthier future.

Thank you for helping by donating, it means we can keep at it, especially at this busy breeding time of the year



Sylvestro is doing fantastic and on the road to recovery, as you could see from his previous video he had serious mouth problems thankfully not brain her broken jaw bones as first thought.

He says a big thank you for your donations to continue getting him better.



3 more precious, lucky cats neutered and paid for by Twinkle this week.

Thank you so much to the feeders who despite still being jobless since the beginning of the pandemic are doing their best to care for them.



This charming little guy has been visiting Las Lomas recently for snacks.

He appears to be in good health and is very friendly so unlikely to be a street cat.

Does anyone know if he has a home locally or maybe has wandered and is lost?



Sylvestero another homeless cat, having terrible trouble eating and clearly in pain. Already seen by Bichos and I’ll update soon .



Urma, is a homeless kitten 5 months old.
Her front leg right is badly broken and the vet needs to amputate.
She is a sweet little girl and once she’s no longer in pain and stronger we will sterilise her too.
She’s had medication to help her until surgery is done which is urgent.
As usual any help with donations towards her veterinary bill would be most appreciated.



Another 4 taken to be neutered at Bichos, 1 girl for boys.

One little beauty also recently had a nasty big abscess on her check (sorry for the side shot of her face but it was so swollen).

We treated this the week before and she had antibiotics so she was for and well for her neutering.

Now they are all neutered they can have a peaceful future




Before and after photos. A massive, massive thanks to Jo and Tracey for coming to our aid last week. During the heavy rain we had recently our foster cages leaked and flooded so much it was not fit for purpose. Our poor kitts and cats were soaked and cold. Jo and Tracey came just days later and worked so hard for 2 days free of charge to replace and repair plus improve the guttering problems. It’s cost slightly over €340 in material to carry this out in one side of our foster area, when funds permit we will try and repair the rest of this area and improve the drainage. But this will be a long way off, our bank balance is empty and our vets bills are so high it scares me. We are not a sanctuary but do have sick, injured and needy fluffs that need our help until a they can either be retuned to their original area or homed ( but I have to say my faith in homing on this island is lost, so many abandoned or returned adopted cats over the last 2 years). When will some people get that pets are family no matter what



We are desperate to catch this poor cat, he can hardly keep his balance, his tail looks injured and infected and clearly he has a spinal or leg injury. So far 4 attempts have been made to get him but he so afraid and wild, he doesn’t trust anyone yet. Out thanks to all the neighbours that have allowed us to leave traps in all his hidding places, so far he going into them but not going in the trap. Pray we get him soon



Thanks to Bichos and the caring residents that trapped and took these lucky 4 cats to be neutered today, these lucky kitties will no longer have to worry about making more kitts. One of the females has been having litter after litter for years. We will continue with the help of the kind and caring feeders to neuter the rest, some 20+ more as kitten season is approaching




This gorgeous girl ( Flora) was caught for neutering but was also suffering from advanced skin cancer on her ears. We managed to have her ears amputated, as well as spay her. After a long recovery she was happy and healthy and ready for the new chapter in her life.



We have had to say goodbye to our darling Koki.

He was the most loyal, brave little soldier I think I will ever know.

He always loved comforting our new kittens, nudging his way in and waking me up between kitten feds whenever the babies cried for feeding and was the best big brother to our other doggie Peanut who is missing him terribly.

The house just isn’t the same without him.


An answer to a question we've been asked many times regarding the costs incurred by us for neutering

This is not a straight forward answer but we hope this is enough to give you a clear guide.

Prices vary at each clinic, the more we neuter at some clinics the more discount we receive.

We use 4 different clinics depending on the cats condition, location of the cats, and location of the volunteer or trappers. For neutering, on average we pay €75 per female and €55 per male, which includes flea and worming for every cat.

Twinkle currently owes in excess of €12k in vet bills!

We are regularly paying chunks off the bills but every week we have more cats that need our help.


       We really want to stop cats ending up like this one below,               especially as many are just kittens themselves

We are currently helping 4 separate colonies of between 7-10 cats in each, and also several lone cats that need neutering ASAP.

There are more cats out there that need help but we can’t cope with more logistically or financially.  

Our mission is to always try and get every single cat in a colony neutered, leaving just 1 female cat unneutered can put us back to square one within months, so it’s a constant effort.


   If we miss just one cat mature enough to                breed, this is what can happen.



As you may have seen, this apology had been published in Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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