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In the right hand bottom corner you can just see this petrified little kitten  Face injuring from being thrown out of a spedding car.


Just yesterday we received a call about little 'Ralf'. In the middle of no where there are some  large rubbish bins, the nearest houses are 2 km away, but these bins are used every day and emptied every night. At the bottom of the bin,hiding in the corner with rubbish bags covering him, we saw curled up in a corner, this very sad sight.He had been spotted in the morning and was still there at 5pm (now covered in rubbish bags).Knowing the rubbish truck would be coming along in less than 2 hours, we rushed to get to the bins before the bins are lifted and empted into the crushing jaws of the disposal truck. With the help of the man that had spotted Ralf and a pair of step's we climbed into the bin,threw out some of the bins bags and picked up this adorable kitten. He purred his heart-out as soon as soon as he was picked up. After climbing out of the bins, we could see that not only was Ralf incredibly skinny, covered in ticks and fleas he also has an injury to his face that we see too often.It's a from being thrown out of a speeding car, his lower jaw had been de-gloved (the skin has been scrapped away from the jaw) and he has a big hole on his top lip.


We rushed Ralf to the vets, where he was given emergency treatment. He has chunks of skin missing from his top lip and lower jaw and the vet says at the moment surgery is not an option. 


Ralf eats with no difficulty and already is looking much better. He gives us non-stop cuddles and purrs, even if you just look at him he pads away with his front feet and breaks into a very big purr. He is one of the happiest,friendliest little kittens we have rescued. It's so sad that some people can treat any animal with such lack of compassion and be so cruel.


We would like to thank everyone for their patience, but we have been working on a newsletter and became so busy with the latest campaign that it was delayed.

Please click below to read the newsletter.


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We have just carried out a large neutering campaign. 203 cats and kittens were admitted at the vets for neutering or treatment. Whilst out catching we came across many sick or unsafe cats and kittens that we have taken in and now we need help urgently to find new loving forever homes. We have many cats and kittens that deserve a chance of happiness.


Here is a little story by Laurance, one of the kittens we picked up during our campaign.

Hi I'm Laurence. I was born at the bins in Playa Blanca, along with two brothers and a sister. Our Mum tried really hard to look after us all, but we were always hungry and having to hide from people and the nasty rubbish trucks that come every night. One day I got hurt at the bins while trying to find food. All I remember is waking up in pain and not being able to use my back legs properly. My Mum and siblings tried hard to protect me from all the dangers at the bins. We had to stay there because it was our only source of food.


Then one day a kind lady from Twinkle came and picked us all up. She took us to the Vets where Mum was neutered, and we were all treated for fleas and worms and given lots of lovely food. The Twinkle people could see that I couldn't use my back legs so they looked after me with lots of lovely food and cuddles and a few days later took me back to the Vet for an x-ray. The results of the x-ray showed Iv'e got a break at the top of my femur (thigh bone).


Because of this I'm unbale to run properly to get away from danger and the Twinkle people decided that it wasn't safe for me to go back to the bins in case a dog chased me or nasty people tried to harm me again.


I have now moved into a lovely big pen with another lad - he's white and has cancerous ears so can't go back out either. We are enjoying having fun together (causing havoc I have heard the Twinkle people say) along with scrummy food and lots of cuddles. Although it is lovely here, I don't want to spend the rest of my life here and am hoping that someone will think I am worth giving a forever home to. You can see from my photos how beautiful I am. I am a very laid-back and happy lad. I am around 4 months old and have lots of love to give. Can you offer me a home?


More of our rescued animals. Place your curser over the photo for more details.

  Bitzy sick and starving just after we found her.     Bitzy feeling better after lots of TLC and cuddles.    Bitzy feeling better after lots of TLC and cuddles.      


Penelope, after raising her 8 kittens and having to have her ears removed because of skin cancer she is still looking for a loving home.She is super with other cats and a very gentle loving cat.  This little beauty came to us recently when her owner was leaving the island and was going to have to put her 5 cats out on the street. They are all still looking for a nice homes.  Julian and Tinker, 2 of Penelopes kittens have grown up in our foster cages, we would love to find them all nice,loving homes.      



These photos are just a handful of some of the fluffs we need to find good homes for.Please contact us on 0034659598719 or if you can help save a life.



Some of Twinkle's Volunteers in Action


   Chris and Sue cleaning and applying eye medication for this little kitten with cat flu.    Suza and Cat, having a much needed break after catching over 100 cats for vet treatment and neutering    George and Janet with Chris. What would I do without your help!








I'm "Biscuit".


Twinkle saw me when they were replenishing one of their cat cafes. I had a very runny nose, a high temperature and my eyes were streaming because I've got the 'flu' and I was feeling really sick. During Last December's neutering campaign Twinkle castrated me, Tracey who was helping on the neutering campaign looked after me until a man promised to take me home and look after me, but for some reason he took me to Caleta de Fuste and left me there. I knew if I waited long enough the Twinklers would find me and take me to the vets. I had lots of test's and everything was OK. I'm now feeling much better and would love a forever family of my own.


  Biscuit is getting better but still looking for a forever home.



Cat Cafes – Twinkle has 17 cafes in the resort of Caleta de Fuste. This means the homeless cats have some where to eat and have fresh water. Many are based in the grounds of hotels that work with Twinkle, the cafes help not only the cats but the hotels, it means the cats don’t go looking into people's holiday accommodation for food. We need 70 kilos of dry food every week to keep the cat cafes stocked up. The cafes are cared for by kind volunteers that live in Fuerteventura, some cafes need maintaining once a week, others need attending to 3 times a week, depending on the number of cats that rely on the café. We are always in need of volunteers to help look after a cat café.


The work we do is incredibly hard , both emotionally and physically, although we were all exhausted the sense of purpose, achievement and team work kept our sprits high.


Below are just a few of the cats that we have been able to help in the last 12 months. Cats in for neutering or treatment and TLC. 





Jan 2014 


Donations can be made via our [Donate page].


If you live in Fuerteventura or Europe and could help Twinkle with a donation you can make a regular donation or a one-off amount to the Twinkle account detailed here.


Twinkles Bank Details: Account 0081-0695-57-0001158319



IBAN : ES16 0081 0695 5700 0115 8319 /BIC BSAB ESBB 




After three years of waiting Chica has finaly found her forever home and what a great home it is. We had almost given up for Chica as no one had called or mailed asking to meet her until 10 days ago we had a call from Marion Glover Leper asking if Chica had found her home, a home check was done and it was obvious straight away that this was the home for Chica. Chica went to her new home on Tuesday last week and has blossomed so much since, even deciding that staying in for a while to become familiar with her new home was not to her liking so after 2 days she goes in and out at her leisure.

All of us at Twinkle would like to thank Marion and John for allowing Chica to become part of their family.  












Caleta Harbour Cat Cafe





We use over 280 kilos to stock the Cafe's with food every month, as such we are always looking for volunteers to help with them, or welcome any donations to help keep them stocked.




Donating items to Twinkle in Fuerteventura.



We are really pleased that anyone who wishes to donate any items to Twinkle can now drop them off in Caleta De Fuste. 


Fuerte Crystals have kindly said they are happy to accept items on our behalf at their shop which is located at Urbanización Costa de Antigua, 35610 Castillo Caleta de Fuste.







Any toys, bedding , treats or food would be most appreciated,  at the moment they are only able to accept smaller items, for larger items please contact us and we will arange collection.



We frequently have small items that need to travel to Fuerte, if you have a couple of kilos baggage allowance free and would be happy to drop them off at Fuerte Crystal please contact us.