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Your help can mean the difference between life or death!
We are still helping to neuter the 20 cats that are being feed by a very kind family that can hardly afford food for themselves.
This is one of the cats from the group and he has a broken front leg that only a specialist from another island can repair.
Our big problem is the surgery will cost €535, plus pre and post care.
He has been offered a very good home if all goes well but we just cannot afford the vet bill, because we MUST continue with neutering and providing food at over 19 cat cafes.
He can be operated on when the specialist comes to the island on Tuesday but we need all the help we can to raise the money.
We have also set up a Virgin Money Giving page in the hope we can help this littel man, you can also get a little more on the story 
22 nov     



So due to world circumstances little (or now not so little) Coti has been with me in foster for a year.

Exciting times to come hopefully very soon with her move to her very patient forever home.

She has been a delight and a joy to have cared for.

Her zest for life is amazing and nothing holds her back.




Another four lucky cats Twinkle Trust has helped by neutering at Bichos vet clinic.


Now they are sterilised and all treated against fleas and worms life should be much easier.

22 Nov



Twinkle has been asked to help neuter this large colony of 20 cats.

As you can see there is even a tiny baby at this time of the year.

We have already booked appointments for next week and trying to help have at least 2 neutered each week. We know everyone is struggling at this awful time, but any help with our vets bills would be a great help.

We have given two 20 kilo sacks of food and 2 small packs of kitten biscuits to the kind family who are totally destitute but trying to feed these cats that have appeared, but unless we neuter them the situation will get out of control



Do you remember Lila the little 6 week old girl found on the barranco all alone, covered in mud and starving?.

She stayed in foster for a short time as there were some minor health concerns but ........ today she has gone to her forever home!.

She has started to settle in well, she is eating and playing and in the next few days she will meet her new housemates.

Her new mama came to visit her regularly while she was recovering so it was a happy and confident little girl that packed her suitcase and started a new life today. Have a wonderful life sweetheart



Toby now has the most fabulous home he could wish for.

He was the last kitten to be offered a home from the litter we picked up during lockdown from Neuvo Horizonte.

We are so pleased for him



Ciro needs a home urgently! We found him in Los Estancos recently. He’s sterilised and microchipped but the contact details for his Italian owners no longer exist. He doesn’t like other cats or dogs ( so cannot stay with us), so needs a home on his own. He loves padding whilst purring and cuddles and playing. He’s confused and hates being in our foster cage, he wants a home again



If you click on the photo you will see how well Pretty is doing 🙂.

Remember “Pretty” the little kitten that was found in the capital Puerto del Rosario, very sick and alone, huddled up in a corner near a bush.

It would have been easy to not see her but thankfully she was spotted by a very kind woman and we organised for Pretty to be taken to Bichos vet clinic.

Well, after much care and treatment and lots of love Pretty has recovered and now in a great home



We are so happy to tell you all that little Bonnet, the kitten we had to get out of a car engine, was offered a great home and she’s settled in really well and being spoilt and loved, just like any kitten should be.

Thank you Martin



This big bundle of handsomeness lives around the back of an industrial estate near El Matoral. L & D trapped him for Twinkle and took him to the vets as an emergency because of his sore eye and he was also sterilised.

He’s been treated and now gone back to his little spot where he has a friend.

Good luck handsome.



Remember Cola. He had a really nasty abscess on his leg which has taken 6 weeks to heal.

He’s now fully recovered and ready to be released.

BUT we’ve found out his owners  left him behind when they left the island.

Cola has a wonderful gentle nature and gets on with cats and dogs.

We really don’t want to put him back out on the streets. Can anyone offer him a real home where he will be lived and wanted forever.

He is about 6 years old



To carry on their quest of raising funds for Twinkle Gill and Ryan had planned to walk the lenght of Fuerte, but due to Covid-19 restrictions here and on the island this became an impossilbiltie.

So whilst on their home holiday time, they are walking the same distance in Scotland as a virtual walk, mirroring the idea of the virtual Marathon which Ryan completed recently.

Thank you Guys



Sad news I’m sorry to report. This lovely cat that was picked up after someone saw him getting hit by a car late in the evening didn’t make it.

He spent 10 days in EMERVET clinic and initially didn’t appear fatally wounded and the vet thought he would recover once a bad ear infection was treated.

But he did infact have damage to his lungs and developed a kind of pneumonia and despite trying everything he passed away.

All of this didn’t show up in the initial X-rays and tests.

The only consolation is he wasn’t alone or in pain when he passed away. 

We still have a big vet bill and need to pay this despite the very sad outcome.


This Young fellow was knocked down by a car and left for dead, but thanks to all who went out at 10pm to help him he has been treated at Emervet.

He is recovering well, but still needs treatment for a bad ear infection.

We would love to find him a home so he didnt have to brave the streets anymore, he will of course be nuetered and treated for any parasites.



This poor little girl was hit by a car last week and went missing.

Thankfully she’s reappeared but limping and with a badly broken jaw that needed urgent surgery.

She has been operated on but we need help to pay €100 towards her vet bill❤️.

She’s recovering well so far and eating and being looked after by her feeder.



Found this in Los Estancos. Super cuddly, friendly and starving. Sterilised and has a microchip,his name is Ciro, and he’s 2 years old, address is for La Olivia but Italian phone number and email no longer working❗️. Please SHARE or contact by text or WhatsApp message ( no calls please) 659598719



Yesterday we had a call by a kind person that notice this cat couldn’t use her front leg. They thought it was broken and called us.

Thanks to volunteers L & D who responded to the call immediately and took her to Bichos clinic within minutes.

Good news is she only has a abscess but it’s a nasty one.

She needs a course of medication and looking after.

L & D are fostering her until she’s better and can go back to her spot.



Toby is one of the most adorable black cats we’ve taken in.

You may remember we picked him and his siblings up from Nuevo Horizonte when they were just 5 weeks old, they had fallen off of a 2nd floor Balacony and then children were throwing stones at them.

All of Tobys siblings have been adopted but Toby is still waiting.

He’s soooo adorable, he curls up in your arms like a baby and loves a tummy tickle.

He’s neutered and started his vaccinations. He’s almost 6 months old.

Please make contact if you can offer him his special loving home.



Recently at JUST 6 WEEKS OLD !!!! 3 kittens were found terrified in one of our cat cafés.1 that is not in the photos is a tabby and ran out of a little hole and vanished.

I suspect the mother was dumped with her kittens as well but she had probably run off to find a safer place in such a new and scary ordeal being boxed up and dumped.

The 2 that were caught were taken immediately by Cherry to Species to be looked after until Twinkle could find a foster home.

The ginger is a little boy and the other with the injured eye is a baby girl.

Species very kindly looked after the kittens for 2 days and nights until they could go to a foster home and started parasite and eye medication.

They are just about eating kitten biscuits and foster mum is also giving them kitten milk. Who ever dumped them contact us if you need help neutering, don’t just abandon mums and kittens.

The 1 that got away is still out there somewhere and will not be able to look after herself at just 6 weeks old😡. If anyone could help with the medical bills and towards the 2 nights these 2 babies were hospitalised please, please do no matter how small. Thank you to Cherry who found them for donating €50 towards the vet bill at Species. And if anyone in the area on the Monti Castillo/Dorada are see the kitten please try to catch it and call us or the vet until we can come.



Here are the other 2 kitty cats from the harbour, resting in of all places our rescue cat basket, even though they have a nice comfy bed and a house to run about in, which I’m told they have been doing with gusto.

So good to have some happy outcomes.

Huge thanks to their mum and dad for also taking them and thier other sister in the previous post to Bichos vet clinic to have them spayed as part of the Twinkle adoption.

Soon thanks to volunteer Lee the mum who is still at the harbour will be spayed too.

Just a shame we couldn’t take her in too, but she does have a 4th kitten who’s ginger that were trying to get but he’s very shy.



You may remember the 3rd little kitty cat that was abandoned at the harbour, well the great news is she has been adopted and treated for fleas ( which she was absolutely crawling with) and of course treated for worms and the relief from being abandoned and infested by the fleas shows.

The photo of her looking like a star fish was her pure joy of a comfy sofa, tummy full of food, a mum and dad that love her and no more blood sucking fleas irritating her



Remember this handsome fella that needed Twinkles help for neutering and mange. He was in bad shape, underweight and unwell but now he’s doing just great.

He’s being loved and cared for by a very special lady who already has her hands full with her own cats and dogs, so we’re trying to find this cheeky guy a home.

He’s loving, playful and great with dogs too. Please private message if you would like more information.



Can you help us to help “Pretty”. She was found in Puerto del Rosario hiding in a corner and unable to walk.
She’s had cat flu and her eyes were infected, but her biggest problem is her front right leg, it’s paralysed and she has nerve damage and she has no feeling in the leg at all.
At the moment she is weak and needs love and building up and medication but she’s already improved since she was found.
If her leg doesn’t improve and the nerves don't rebuild she will have to have her leg amputated.
This little girl has such a loving and positive nature and wants to live.
Any donations towards her vet bills would be a great help.



This super sweet and friendly tabby mum and her 4 gorgeous daughters urgently need homes.

We caught them recently for neutering and now they are ready for releasing but they live on wasteland and have no protection from dogs or any other dangers.

They are all really friendly and need help.

We cannot take in anymore and they will have to go out soon.

They are all neutered and treated against fleas and worms as usual.

Please get in touch if you can offer a loving, safe home.



Sammie and Toby are still hoping the right home is out there for them.
They are now about 3 -3 1/2 months and so lucky to have a foster home but a safe and loving forever home with lots of space to play and grow is what they need.
Sammie loves having his belly rubbed and Toby loves being kissed.
They are so playful and adorable.
Please get in touch if you can offer the responsible and loving home they nee



An answer to a question we've been asked many times regarding the costs incurred by us for neutering

This is not a straight forward answer but we hope this is enough to give you a clear guide.

Prices vary at each clinic, the more we neuter at some clinics the more discount we receive.

We use 4 different clinics depending on the cats condition, location of the cats, and location of the volunteer or trappers. For neutering, on average we pay €75 per female and €55 per male, which includes flea and worming for every cat.

Twinkle currently owes in excess of €12k in vet bills!

We are regularly paying chunks off the bills but every week we have more cats that need our help.


       We really want to stop cats ending up like this one below,               especially as many are just kittens themselves

We are currently helping 4 separate colonies of between 7-10 cats in each, and also several lone cats that need neutering ASAP.

There are more cats out there that need help but we can’t cope with more logistically or financially.  

Our mission is to always try and get every single cat in a colony neutered, leaving just 1 female cat unneutered can put us back to square one within months, so it’s a constant effort.


   If we miss just one cat mature enough to                breed, this is what can happen.



As you may have seen, this apology had been published in Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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