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Yesterday we had a call by a kind person that notice this cat couldn’t use her front leg. They thought it was broken and called us.

Thanks to volunteers L & D who responded to the call immediately and took her to Bichos clinic within minutes.

Good news is she only has a abscess but it’s a nasty one.

She needs a course of medication and looking after.

L & D are fostering her until she’s better and can go back to her spot.



Little Bonnie. Video and photo.

Whilst feeding at a regular spot down a dirt track opposite the airport, it was brought to our attention a little kitten was stuck in a car engine bay and the car owner couldn’t be traced. Thankfully It only took us a few minutes to get her out.

She’s about 4 months old, she looks a lot bigger in the pictures.

She has a broken leg as well which may add further costs later



This cat needed our help, he’s got a bad infection in his paw and lives on the streets in Caleta.

Species treated him and kept him overnight for Twinkle initially, but he needs more medication for a week.

Thanks to Paco for offering to foster him until his paw his completely healed and he can go back to his spot.



For those at you that know this cat from the Elba Sara, we know this cat well.

We’ve had him checked at the vets and the wound in /on his head is a type of cancerous tumour.

He’s happy and it’s not bothering him and best left alone.

We will continue to monitor him and be there for him when he needs us.

As you can see he’s content and happy, the video was just after his Sunday breakfast



Thanks to harbour volunteers Muriel and Lee, the mummy, who’s kittens we’ve found great homes for has now been sterilised and given medication for fleas and worms.

Lee looked after her the night of her spay operation and she slept happily all night on her pillow.

Please, please can someone open their home to give this darling mum that been through enough, a loving forever home.

We’ve had to put her back at the harbour but it’s not what she deserves, she’s a real poppet



Toby is one of the most adorable black cats we’ve taken in.

You may remember we picked him and his siblings up from Nuevo Horizonte when they were just 5 weeks old, they had fallen off of a 2nd floor Balacony and then children were throwing stones at them.

All of Tobys siblings have been adopted but Toby is still waiting.

He’s soooo adorable, he curls up in your arms like a baby and loves a tummy tickle.

He’s neutered and started his vaccinations. He’s almost 6 months old.

Please make contact if you can offer him his special loving home.



Sadly we were called to another emergency on recently, the lovley people feeding this beautiful girl said she had been vomiting for several days and almost screaming when doing it,and had lost a lot of weight in just days.

Every time she tried to eat or drink she vomited within seconds or minutes.

As soon as I arrived I could see she was struggling and took her as an emergency to Bichos and initially they planned to keep her in on fluids while they did test’s, but as soon as she was on fluids she was X-rayed and as you can see from the image it wasn’t good news.

The mass at the top of her throat are biscuits she’s just eaten but couldn’t swallow because as the X-ray shows she had an enormous tumour, which turned out to be a form of non-Hodgkinson lymphoma making it impossible for her to take in even water.

We had to put her to sleep because of the huge size of the tumour and fatal prognosis. She was so beautiful and weak, it was a sad outcome for us all. RIP Luna



Recently at JUST 6 WEEKS OLD !!!! 3 kittens were found terrified in one of our cat cafés.1 that is not in the photos is a tabby and ran out of a little hole and vanished.

I suspect the mother was dumped with her kittens as well but she had probably run off to find a safer place in such a new and scary ordeal being boxed up and dumped.

The 2 that were caught were taken immediately by Cherry to Species to be looked after until Twinkle could find a foster home.

The ginger is a little boy and the other with the injured eye is a baby girl.

Species very kindly looked after the kittens for 2 days and nights until they could go to a foster home and started parasite and eye medication.

They are just about eating kitten biscuits and foster mum is also giving them kitten milk. Who ever dumped them contact us if you need help neutering, don’t just abandon mums and kittens.

The 1 that got away is still out there somewhere and will not be able to look after herself at just 6 weeks old😡. If anyone could help with the medical bills and towards the 2 nights these 2 babies were hospitalised please, please do no matter how small. Thank you to Cherry who found them for donating €50 towards the vet bill at Species. And if anyone in the area on the Monti Castillo/Dorada are see the kitten please try to catch it and call us or the vet until we can come.



A few photos from doing cat café cleaning and feeding on Sunday.

First photo is Ralph from the Broncemar Hotel which is currently closed and being completely refurbished and will be great when completed. And the rest are from lovely grounds of the Elba Sara Hotel and some of the cats that have really missed the holiday makers while it was closed.



Here are the other 2 kitty cats from the harbour, resting in of all places our rescue cat basket, even though they have a nice comfy bed and a house to run about in, which I’m told they have been doing with gusto.

So good to have some happy outcomes.

Huge thanks to their mum and dad for also taking them and thier other sister in the previous post to Bichos vet clinic to have them spayed as part of the Twinkle adoption.

Soon thanks to volunteer Lee the mum who is still at the harbour will be spayed too.

Just a shame we couldn’t take her in too, but she does have a 4th kitten who’s ginger that were trying to get but he’s very shy.



You may remember the 3rd little kitty cat that was abandoned at the harbour, well the great news is she has been adopted and treated for fleas ( which she was absolutely crawling with) and of course treated for worms and the relief from being abandoned and infested by the fleas shows.

The photo of her looking like a star fish was her pure joy of a comfy sofa, tummy full of food, a mum and dad that love her and no more blood sucking fleas irritating her



Little Poli is doing really well thanks to the love and care from his new family. Hard to imagine when found he had a nasty eye and lung infection and lots of parasites. He's only tiny but such a tough little kitty. Happy Sunday everyone



These 2 kitty cats were abandoned at one of our cat cafés this week!, they are super friendly and clean.
They were a bit nervous to start with for obvious reasons and one would run back into the hole in the rocks.
Good news is they have been fostered by a kind lady and next week they will go to a new home together.
They’ve been treated against fleas and worms and getting used to being really truly loved and safe. Of course we will neuter them once they have put on a bit more weight but that won’t take long, as they are super appreciative of the nice food they now regularly have.
Next Tuesday will be a big day when they go to their forever home and best of all they will stay together.
Thank you to everyone that helped us help them.
To the person that abandoned them, please get their mother neutered, help is available if you are genuinely hard up.



Remember little Smudge, now called Sox. He was one of 6 kittens we homed from Triquivijate.

Bichos vet Francisco Javier Gonzalez Leon has just neutered him for us (as part of our adoption contract). He gets on really well with his big step brother and enjoy life with Amanda and her family.



Thanks to Alan, one of our brilliant cat café volunteers this new girl that appeared with her 2 little kittens at one of our feeding spots is now trapped ( she’s wild ) and been spayed and since her recovery she’s been released. She’s shot of like a rocket back to her little ones.

At least we can keep and eye on her and when her kittens are a bit bigger hopefully we can help and neuter them as well.



I’m sad to let you know I had to say goodbye to Chester on Thursday.

During his last 48 hours the cancer damage to his nose got so bad and we couldn’t stop it from bleeding and progressing.

I’d so hoped to have been able to give him more time and love, he was such an adorable guy.

Sleep well my gentle friend



Remember this handsome fella that needed Twinkles help for neutering and mange. He was in bad shape, underweight and unwell but now he’s doing just great.

He’s being loved and cared for by a very special lady who already has her hands full with her own cats and dogs, so we’re trying to find this cheeky guy a home.

He’s loving, playful and great with dogs too. Please private message if you would like more information.



A happy update on Mr M, who we’ve known since he was a kitten.

You may remember during lockdown he was unwell but being feed by a smashing couple near Castillo Beach in Caleta.

Mr M was so grateful that someone cared enough to call us and when he was better we took him back and he’s now adopted them and made himself at home.

I’m so pleased for Mr M, I think he’s wanted a mum and dad and a safe home for so long and especially kind as his mum is actually allergic to cats but they’ve managed to make it work and he’s now called Charlie, and I think it suits him really well.

What would we and the cats do without such nice people out there



Some wonderful news. This adorable tabby mom and her 4 daughters that were living on Wasteground in Nuevo Horizonte are now all homed together to a great guy and his wife. For me it’s an amazing thing to be able so say all 5 were adopted together, this just never happens. Of course we had spayed and treated all of them against parasites, so now life should only get better for them



An update on Pretty Girl.
She’s doing really well in the loving hands of Fuen and Anna. Pretty has put on lots of weight and is now looking like a new little girl, unfortunately her front right leg is still damaged and has absolutely no sensation and is not usable.
She will have to have it amputated just as soon as she is strong enough, which at her current speed won’t be long.
It’s the only thing we can do realisticly, as she will just drag it and it will be more of a hindrance and health risk



This little kitty was found on the main road near the airport.
We organised for her to go straight to the vet clinic as she was so thin, tiny and sick, just 250grams, and at the most 6 weeks old.
She also has infection in her lungs and eyes and is full of worms. She is on lots of medication and now has a good chance, keep your paws crossed                             Aug 2020



Can you help us to help “Pretty”. She was found in Puerto del Rosario hiding in a corner and unable to walk.
She’s had cat flu and her eyes were infected, but her biggest problem is her front right leg, it’s paralysed and she has nerve damage and she has no feeling in the leg at all.
At the moment she is weak and needs love and building up and medication but she’s already improved since she was found.
If her leg doesn’t improve and the nerves don't rebuild she will have to have her leg amputated.
This little girl has such a loving and positive nature and wants to live.
Any donations towards her vet bills would be a great help.



Remember this little group that we posted about in March. Yesterday evening we managed to trap all the remaining 7 adults that needed neutering which is such a huge relief.
Just prior to lockdown we had an appointment at the vets to neuter all the adults in this group that were not already sterilised, unfortunately the appointment had to be cancelled because of CV19 and our limited travel restrictions. Now the adults are in the vets being neutered as I type, we can stop worrying about them carrying on having more kittens. In the last couple of months 8 little kittens have been born ( 1 was found in need of urgent help and taken home by a super couple that give them all food and water regularly). In time well have to help the kittens and neuter them when they are bigger and stronger. Times for everyone are hard, and we are always asking I know .... but if anyone can spare a £/€ to help our huge vet bills we’d be truly grateful. Thank you



This super sweet and friendly tabby mum and her 4 gorgeous daughters urgently need homes.

We caught them recently for neutering and now they are ready for releasing but they live on wasteland and have no protection from dogs or any other dangers.

They are all really friendly and need help.

We cannot take in anymore and they will have to go out soon.

They are all neutered and treated against fleas and worms as usual.

Please get in touch if you can offer a loving, safe home.



We were asked if we could help this cat who is lucky enough to live on an urbanisation that likes cats.
She doesn’t belong to anyone but gets fed and an kept on by the residents and they noticed her fur was very thick and matted.
One of the helpful residents took her into the vets for us because we just couldn’t get there for lack of trying, with so many others we're helping each day.
She had to be sedated and shaved and we're hoping it will grow back knot free soon, as she needs her fur to protect her skin from the scorching sun out here. No reason could be found as to why she’s not grooming herself.
We also treated her as we always do with our homeless cats, with flea and worm medication, she should now be feeling a lot more comfortable.



Finally with a lot of love and patience from Jerry’s new mum and dad and a little help from Dave the older cat who can’t make out what these little things are doing in his home, plus our other recently adopted kitten Dotty.... Jerry has finally started to relax and be the cheeky little kitty he should be.
I think this photo was the first time he accepted a cuddle and enjoyed it too. Thank you so much to his new mum and dad, Dave and Dotty



For a few weeks now Judy has been going early morning every other day (with the kindhearted lady that feeds this colony) to try and catch the cat in the first photo.
He has skin cancer which has advanced so much he has no nose!
He’s very wild and will only come out when the nice woman goes to feed them all on this old building site.
So far we can’t get close and he will not go near an automatic or wooden manual trap, which we were hoping would feel more natural for him.
It’s heartbreaking to see him suffer, as the morning warms up the flies start to bother him and there is nothing we can do.
The building site is impossible to corner him in and parts are totally unaccessible unless your a cat.
Judy has tried to gain his trust and we’ve discovered he loves tuna and chicken but he will not come anywhere near and only has to see a basket or trap and he’s off.
We feel awful each time we try to get him and fail, he’s just going to get worse and in the scorching heat we have now, his life could become unbearable very soon



This week this skinny and super friendly cat was found in Caleta de Fuste.
She was covered in ticks and starving but even then her personality shone through.
At first I thought it was just going to be a check over & flea treatment that was needed, but the vet realised she is about 10 years old and clearly not doing ok on her own.
We had her treated for all the ticks (which were vile) and worms and fleas but she also has swollen knees and claws, so long they had grown into her pads. The claws were trimmed and she’s had anti-inflammatory medication to try and help her painful joints and she needs a check up in 2 weeks to see hows she doing.
The very kind lady that found her has offered her a home, which is wonderful news.
Our vet bills are mounting every day, if anyone can help and donate just a little even we would be so grateful.



Sammie and Toby are still hoping the right home is out there for them.
They are now about 3 -3 1/2 months and so lucky to have a foster home but a safe and loving forever home with lots of space to play and grow is what they need.
Sammie loves having his belly rubbed and Toby loves being kissed.
They are so playful and adorable.
Please get in touch if you can offer the responsible and loving home they nee



We have now sterilised all of the adults except one male from the village El Time, and we are still trying for him.

As soon as all the kittens are bigger we need to help and neuter them too.

Thank you to those that donated, we still have much of the bill to pay, if anyone can spare a bit to help us we would be so grateful for any donations.



Tara and Theon that we found at the rubbish bins a couple of weeks ago did have a home to go to but it’s fallen through.

They are super sweet. Please message me and I will put you in touch with their foster mum that found them.

Adoption will be made via Twinkle so contact and adoption fee applies as standard.

Thank you



An answer to a question we've been asked many times regarding the costs incurred by us for neutering

This is not a straight forward answer but we hope this is enough to give you a clear guide.

Prices vary at each clinic, the more we neuter at some clinics the more discount we receive.

We use 4 different clinics depending on the cats condition, location of the cats, and location of the volunteer or trappers. For neutering, on average we pay €75 per female and €55 per male, which includes flea and worming for every cat.

Twinkle currently owes in excess of €12k in vet bills!

We are regularly paying chunks off the bills but every week we have more cats that need our help.


       We really want to stop cats ending up like this one below,               especially as many are just kittens themselves

We are currently helping 4 separate colonies of between 7-10 cats in each, and also several lone cats that need neutering ASAP.

There are more cats out there that need help but we can’t cope with more logistically or financially.  

Our mission is to always try and get every single cat in a colony neutered, leaving just 1 female cat unneutered can put us back to square one within months, so it’s a constant effort.


   If we miss just one cat mature enough to                breed, this is what can happen.



Meet the mummy of the 6 kittens we’ve just homed.

On Thursday we paid for her to be spayed so hopefully she can now live a much more peaceful and content life not having to worry and keep safe endless litters of kittens.

We say thank you to Katie who’s been keeping an safe eye on them all and helping me with the homing.

Good luck brave mummy, She is sweet natured and very friendly, now she is spayed and has been treated for fleas and worms.

If anyone would be able to offer her a home please get in touch with us. She deserves and chance too.



Another sterilised this week from this colony in La Oliva.

We plan to get more to the vets next week. There are a couple we can’t neuter yet as they have young kittens but we’re doing all we can to stop the colony getting any bigger until the new mums and eventually the kittens can be caught and neutered......it’s never ending.

                                                             June 2020



Please help us find nice homes for Jerry, Nancy, Baby Bear and thier mum Freya.

You may remember we found them in a mop bucket at one of our cat cafés.

They are all so gorgeous and soft and fluffy. They deserve to know what a kind and loving home feels like -forever.

Freya is going to be sterilised next week now her kitts don’t rely on her for food and can eat alone.

Please get in touch if you’d like to know more about them.                                             June 2020



Our adorable black babies are thriving and so sweet.

Little Milo and Max were adopted and given a great home last week by Lorraine and her family.

Little Serena and Sally Ann are still hoping someone out there can give them a happy ending.

They can be homed separately but if we can we would like to hone them together.





This young girl had a litter of kittens which sadly all died.

We don’t know why they died because she’d given birth amongst cactus plants and they were all impossible to get to before anyone knew she’d even given birth.

She is only a young cat herself (they can get pregnant from as young as 4 months!) which maybe part of the reason.

The good news is she’s now been taken in by a nice woman and Twinkle will have her spayed at the end of this month.

She can now start enjoying her young life and never have to go through such trauma again.

Please help us to continue helping the homeless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura.





Update on the 3 little girls who’s mum was killed in the road and saved by Chan Telle who found them next to their mum and took them in until we were able to help.

Lucy and Phobe have been adopted by a really super couple, and so that the 3rd kitten was not without her sisters they are fostering Cookie for the time being.

These little girls are really coming out of their shell and playing and full of affection.

I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and know they are safe and loved and being totally spoilt



Six more kittens from the same village as the other 3 that need help.

They have a mum, and for now a safe spot and a bit of shade from the baking heat but of course mum needs help and to be spayed when the kittens are a few weeks older. We simply can’t take in all the kittens we know about but we would like to help find them all good homes and have them adopted.

Our adoptions include flea and worm treatment and neutering when ready.

Please contact Jenny via WHATSAPP, or via facebook  “MESSAGE”  IF YOU CAN OFFER A SAFE AND LOVING FOREVER HOME 659598719.



A happy little video of the 4 beautiful kittens. They’ve just learnt to play. They are super sweet and the smallest one is very clingy. Huge thanks to foster mum and dad for stepping in to help us. 

Yesterday we managed to locate and pick up the 4 tiny kittens that we’d been told about.
First I’d been told they were alone but being feed by a very nice person, which they were, then we found out kids were throwing stones at them!! And yesterday when we arrived we found out that 2 of them fell from a second floor balcony several days earlier ( not the balcony on the photo ) but one nearby on the same complex.
Thanks to the kind hearts of a couple of residents the kittens had been getting food and being kept an eye on.
We’ve now got them and they are in safe hands of friends that have fostered baby kittens for us in the past. Best guess is they are about 6 weeks old and don’t appear to be suffering from any injuries apart from one that has a scratch on his head.
It’s incredible these tiny kittens have survived, which is down to the compassion of the nice neighbours.


As you may have seen, this apology had been published in Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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