We are pleased to announce that 

Cool Runnings

Trike Tours

in caleta now have a food collection tub,

so will accept food tins and biscuits along with items for the market stall 

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As you are surely aware Fuerteventura has been shut down, all tourists are off the island and the population is under strict control.

During this time we are continuing to carry out all of our normal activities, but with many adjustments, we will continue to do this circumstances allowing.


I have added update to all of the stories below where applicable, so please scroll down to see all updates.....Thank you



Happy Sunday to all the amazing Twinkle volunteers for going above and beyond, especially at this time to look after and make sure as many homeless cats as possible have fresh dry food and water, and make sure the cafes are kept nice and clean.

The cats are really missing the holidaymakers and come running to greet the volunteers. So sad but so rewarding too.

Thank you all for Twinkleing-on and looking after the fluffs. Your all amazing. Jenny 


An update on Manuel and a message from his mum and dad.....

Aww he’s an absolute joy and is bringing us so much happiness too 💕Thank you and all the wonderful people at Twinkle Trust,what you do for these beautiful animals is truly amazing and so selfless..I don’t think we ever realised the true importance and magnitude of your work until now.

Always an uphill battle for you and never more so than at the moment.I wish more people on the island would open their hearts to these wonderful creatures and take one in,they really do not know what they are missing...Love and gratitude for all you have done for Manuel and all the other cats and dogs in your care



Remember this bundle of fluff and sweetness that appeared at the harbour earlier this year.

Well we had him neutered thanks to the lovey help of the volunteers who went and picked him up and once recovered he went back to the harbour, but since lockdown he went downhill and developed mange and every time someone went to feed at the harbour he followed them all the way home, desperate for human companionship.

Great news... Species treated him for the mange and several vet visits later ( not easy as we're all limited in movement) he’s now fit as a fiddle and has been fostered during his recovery by 2 wonderful volunteers and to top it off tomorrow he’s going off to a NEW HOME 😺 to join his new step sister that can’t wait to meet him.

Don’t you just love a happy ending.



Good day to all you Manuel fans.

Thursday was the big day for this old fella because he went to his first and only forever home.

This was done via and thanks to Species vet clinic, where Manuel was taken in by his new dad to be microchipped and have his nails trimmed, before setting off to “home”.

I swear Manuel new the night before something was up, as he curled up on my lap and gave me the longest cuddle ever and purred (and snorted as he does).

His new dad coped very well in the vets when Manual managed to jump of the examination table and got into a bit of a panic.

It was so hard for me not being allowed to go inside to be with Manuel because of the gathering and distance restrictions, and as he went off with his dad I was clucking like a mother chicken all evening worried that he was confused and still stressed, but I needn’t have worried. His mum kept me informed from the moment Manuel got home and as you can see he’s already relaxing and loving his mum and dad.

I’m so, so grateful to them for taking on old Manuel, it was your comments about Manuel that made his charming character irresistible to mum and dad. I’m sure we’ll have more news and photos soon.



Yesterday I had to go and check on sweet old Lofty and drop off some more wet food.

Now he’s being looked after he’s looking more relaxed but still not 100%.

The lovely couple looking after him are keeping me up to date and monitoring him closely.

He’s eating 2 pouches of food a day and treats which is great but still not the old Lofty we all know and a bit weak and frail.

He may need a vet visit next week week if he doesn’t pick up but I’m praying he continues getting his strength back. He’s such a special old boy to us all,
please keep your fingers crossed for him.



Peggy is now with foster mum Andrea to give Debbie and me a hand.

It’s sad because of the lack of holidaymakers some of the cats and not just the older cats need extra help.

We would still like to find Peggy a home to make sure she never goes back to life on the streets.

She’s clearly in need of help of TLC and simply can’t cope on her own anymore.

We’ve done all we can by having her intensively looked after by Species vet clinic until she felt like living again and now want to help find her a special home of her own.

A home with no other cats would be preferred as she’s not keen on other cats but just hisses and keeps her distance.



Please, please if you have permission to feed homeless cats especially during this time of crisis, do it responsibly and don’t put out wet food which makes a mess and goes off if not discovered and eaten straight away.



This very handsome young man was a bundle of hiss and spit just a few months ago before Debbie trapped him and he was neutered.

He would never come near and lives hidden in garden shrubs and cactus plants but yesterday he popped into see Debbie to say “thank you” and didn’t hiss once.

What a difference neutering makes.



We would like to thank all at Realfm Caleta de Fuste for the support they are showing us.

In these difficult times it is great hat we can all work together.

Real Fm is available via both App stores and most interenet radio sites, just search Real Fm to choose one.

Great music and news from the island


Lofty is another of our golden oldies that lives on a small holiday complex in Caleta de Fuste. Since lockdown (sorry to use that word again but it’s unavoidable) we’ve been really worried because Lofty until recently, has always charmed his way to getting a nice meal from holiday makers.

For the last 2 weeks we’ve been searching for Lofty because of his age to bring him into our care but unable to find him and I was getting more concerned each time I failed to track him down. Thankfully, I managed to find him a couple of days ago and at the moment I’ve left him in the very kind hands of 2 tourists that haven’t managed to get back home.

I was able to give Lofty a quick check over, he could really do with a dental but for now he’s got nice soft meat pouches to eat and prior to that the nice couple had been giving him chicken. He’s lost weight and looking a bit fragile, so we will have to get him checked over by the vets as soon as we can go back. For the time being he’s adored and being spoilt and happy to be in the only place he’s ever know as home.



Here’s Peggy “AGAIN”! She’s another OAP we’ve taken in since lockdown.

You may remember we helped her when she was found dehydrated and starving about 6 weeks ago. After her week long recovery and care by Species she went to a home that didn’t work out and she ended up back on the streets.

Anyway we searched every time we had a lead on her location and eventually Debbie found Peggy back where she originally came from. Debbie is now fostering Peggy for Twinkle because she needs love and care, simply because she’s an old lady. There was no medical reason for her to have stopped eating and drinking to the point that she almost died. We think she just needs a safe and loving home for her autumn years.

If anyone can give a genuine home to Peggy please contact us.

She’s not over keen on other cats but she doesn’t fight, she just wants her own space and a lap to curl up on.

Please help Peggy.



For all you fantastic Twinkle friends we thought seeing this little video of Manuel from Castillo Playa would bring a smile to your day.

He is still with us at Twinkle at the moment but on Thursday he’ll be going to his wonderful forever retirement home.

He’s such a wonderful old guy and still full of life at 17+ years.



Bahia Real Hotel has some new clients since it’s closure, it’s amazing and wonderful how nature blossoms now.



Lince is missing human company and is wandering about looking for some.

You may remember him from the harbour in Caleta de Fuste.

We neutered him a few months ago, he’s a young guy, not only handsome but also very loving. He has another vet appointment tomorrow morning for a checkup.

If anyone is looking to take in this adorable fella and give him a forever home he would be so grateful. Please contact for more information. Many thanks.



Manuel from Castillo Playa has been offered a lovely home here in Fuerteventura.

Because the complex was closed we took the opertunity to collect him and thanks to all your comments about how awesome this old man is a lovely husband and wife want to give this old fella a forever home.

I’ll post more next week with news.

Thank you all so very much. He’s worked hard in the tourist industry for almost 18 years so it’s about time he put his paws up




Don’t you just love this guys face. we helped him when he was found with a very serious and nasty facial wound. Well look at him now, he’s doing just great and wait for it...... he’s been adopted by a very special couple. Never thought someone as sick and as beaten up as this fella would have such a happy outcome. Thank you to Fuerte Pets for getting him over the most crucial first week for us, Noelia for spotting that he needed help and his new family for adopting him 

We were recently asked to help this big old cat that had a very nasty facial injury. The vet isn’t sure if it was an infection from his teeth or a fight ( which was my first thought).

Well after having the wound cleaned and the dead black skin cut away he’s healing well. Today he has a check up and will go again in 5 more days.

Noelia is doing a wonderful job looking after him while he’s recovering . Such a sweet little soldier ❤️
As usual any help with his bills most appreciated



Remember this old lady that was found close to death from dehydration and hunger. She was looked after by Species vet clinic and after fluids and TLC she began to eat. She had simply stopped wanting to live and needed help. I thought she had found a home but it hasn’t worked out. Please could anyone offer a safe, kind and loving FOREVER home to this elderly lady. Please get in touch for more information or if you can help. Thanks




We wanted to update you on the cats from the Villaverde area.
We had made arrangements to catch as many cats as possible last Sunday afternoon,ready to be neutered on Monday morning. The day before we had a message from the vet clinic notifying us that they were having to place the bookings on hold due to the Corona virus situation, they were as upset about this as were we, but we both had to comply with the legislation, and appreciate safety of staff and clients of the clinic had to be considered.
We thank everyone who has made donations and offers of donations for this colony of cats to be neutered, as soon as the situation allows we will make these cats a priority, so your kindness will go to helping this group.

Another 13 cats need help to be neutered. Most are related and it’s mating time so catching them soon is urgent. Can anyone help? Villaverde area.

We need help catching and transporting them to and from their location.

Petrol expenses and all equipment provided. Please get it touch.




New food deposit bin in Caleta at Cool Runnings.

Last week whilst on holiday, Gill & Ryan kindly dropped off a container to Cool Runnings Trike tours in the shopping centre to the left of the HiperDino supermarket.
Feel free to drop any food into the container and who knows you may even think about trying one of the very popular tours that are run by Cool Runnings.



Twinkle Trust regrets to announce it can no longer take in cats or kittens.I’m sure as always we will during our neutering and picking up cats that are in need of urgent vet treatment have to admit some temporarily.

We need to go back to concentrating our efforts and limited funds for catch, neuter and release, which has always been our fundamental objective.

This has been a hard decision to take but we have no choice.
Any help with neutering costs will be most appreciated.




An update on some of the cats we’ve helped to sterilise in Puerto Lajas recently. A couple of the photos we posted last week but have additional updates now. So far we have neutered 5 females and 1 male, thanks to you for your donations which helped towards the bill and Elena of DORCASAN vet clinic for neutering this last week

We’ve been asked to help this colony of cats that live in a coastal area not far from the capital.

There are 20 in total. Our funds are so low we can’t help them all but have offered to pay for half of the cats that can be caught and sterilised.

So far 3 have been caught, 2 females and 1 male.

If anyone can help with a donation, small or huge  these cats would be so grateful.

A man that has goats nearby gives them goats milk once a day not much but it’s kind and caring of him.



We were asked by a very nice couple if we could help neuter this cat that’s appeared in their garden who’s in no hurry to move on. Being white this cat and any offspring stands the risk of skin cancer because of the hot and sunny climate in Fuerteventura, so it was doubly important to neuter this cute beauty as soon as possible as kitten season is upon us. Now neutered and given anti parasite medication this little one should have a better chance of having a healthy life ( just wish he had a home to go back into but we can only do so much ). Good luck handsome.



As you may have seen, this apology has been published in the latest edition of Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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