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An update on Artos, Aramis, Pathos.


They have at last got a flight buddy to take them to their fantastic new home in Holland tomorrow. Here they are yesterday getting their health check done for tomorrow’s flight. We could'nt be happier for these adorable brothers



February 21st, --28th

We are being joined on the island by Claire Anderson who is a final year veterinary nurse student at Brookmead Vets in Cranleigh Surrey. Claire has been with Brookmead for 3 years now, but has been seeing practice for 9 years.
Claire, Gill & Ryan Christie and myself are aiming to attend those cases that are unusual, time demanding, but need to be addressed.
With the kind support of Brookmead Vets who look after all our cats in the south of the UK, Claire has a ...display board in their reception area, which has attracted lots of interest, they also have a collection tin at reception and Claire has also been kindly sponsored by friends and family to help us to cover the costs of neutering some of those we aim to catch.
Brookmead Vets have also kindly donated supplies that have become close to their expiry date, but that we will be able to use in time.
We are looking forward to having Claire join us and to be able to compare together the differences between companion animals and those that are truly feral.



We recently attended a kitten with severe mange, so bad she had huge cracks covering her underbelly and legs and bleeding everywhere.

Many hours were spent trying to catch this poor little girl, and we must thank Luke & Lou for finally catching her, and Judy for getting her to the vets straight away.

Sadly she was suffering too much and the vet kindly put her out or her misery.

3 more cats have now been caught and taken to the vets for treatment, that left only 2, but unfortunatley someones dog was loose in the complex and chased the dogs over a wall, we are hoping they will come back so we can get them treated.



Martin & Caroline Victoria Bliss tied the knot on September 12th in Gibraltar, to celebrate their marriage they threw a great party at their beautiful home shortly afterwards.

In lieu of presents they asked for donations which they gave to Twinkle Trust.

An amazing total of €217.55 was raised from gift money and a further €130 was donated by Paul Davis (aka Spike) for being the DJ on the night.

The party was great fun, as always Martin & Caroline were wonderful host’s and the food and drink was delicious.

We’d like to say a big, big thank to everyone, especially Martin & Caroline’s family and friends and Spike for being so generous and including Twinkle in such a happy event.



Remember Stanley?

He arrived with a broken elbow that had healed and set in a bad way. We ended up having to amputate his front broken leg but know he luvs and lives the life of luxury with his new mums and other feline family in the UK.



We are so thankful that Timmy has found his new home, Angie decided she didn't like the thought of him in the cold weather we were due so offered him a chance.
Now Timmy loves nothing more than cuddling up in the evenings after spending the day being spoilt with food and a nice warm sofa to lay on.
Thanks Angie, Good luck Timmy



As 2017 comes to an end ......On a personal note I would like to thank these very special ladies that live in Fuerteventura, you have been and are such a HUGE help to me and Twinkle over the last year. If I need a shoulder to cry on, a cat needs a cuddle, a dog needs walking, shopping needs getting, a cage needs cleaning or the kettle needs going on they have been with me when I’ve needed them. Thank you my special friends Judy, Gill & Julie, I couldn’t have done it without you.



Here are 16 cats living in a garden, 9 females and 7 males. Imagine by the spring would have been a family of 30 or 40 or 50 or more kittens. They are very kindly fed by the daughter that gives them scraps of food.



We’re carrying out some more stray cat neutering this week. We caught this little girl in the same place we found blind Mabel in September. We’ve called her Baby Buntie because she’s so sweet and playful. You can see here she’s got the flu and were treating her with eyedrops and antibiotics. Hopefully when she’s well we can find her a nice home.



We found Schnupsi several weeks ago when he was just laying in the road in a small village near the airport. He didn’t move when cars raced passed him, he was so weak and suffering from a very bad case of bronchitis. He spent 4 days in Bichos vet clinic, where he received several treatments a day on a nebuliser and various other intravenous medication.

We have been fostering him and he is now feeling so much better.

We discovered on one of his x-rays he has an old fracture to his spine, but this is in operable and unnecessary as it doesn’t seem to bother him, because it has healed naturally.

Schnupsi has been having daily walks on a harness in the fosterers garden  and he’s now ready for a new home.

Can anyone help?.

We love the heart shape patch on his side. He’s very sweet natured and friendly.



Krumel is looking for a safe,loving home. We had an emergency visit by some very kind holiday makers that saw him in laying in the road after he had been hit by a car. His right hip was fractured. He’s now recovered and doing so well. He won’t need any further treatment for his injury, and would love a good home. He’s very friendly and playful.



Aramis,Pathos & Athos. 3 very handsome brothers that need our help.

Previously they were owned but because of family illness they were no longer cared for.

All of them needed to be sterilised, Aramis had a fractured leg, and Pathos had an internal injury that needed vet treatment, luckily we got them before anything could happen to Athos.


Twinkle has neutered them all, and they were blood tested negative for feline leukaemia and AIDs which is a great relief. 

Until recently they were being being fostered, but we now have them with whilst their fosterer is away.

we need to find them safe, loving homes, so if you could offer them a safe forever home, or know someone that could, please contact us.


We are relieved and so grateful to have received a grant from The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust. The grant has been used to pay some of the veterinary clinic expenses for the neutering and emergency treatments of the homeless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura and also helped us with the purchase of cat food for our stray cat feeding stations (cat cafes) as well as some wet food for the rescued and resident animals in our care.


Thank you



Tuesday afternoon after a long day in her flight crate Mable arrived into Gatwick airport, she was very relaxed unlike the rest of us who were so worried she would travel ok.
Jenny Billimore checked her in at Fuerte airport early in the morning ready for her TUI flight, once at Gatwick she had her passport checked and once all was cleared she was on her way home with Catherine Gibson.

Here are some photos of her relaxing and exploring her new home.

Thank you to everyone that was kind enough to help this very special young lady.

Miss Mable has passed her driving test👏.


After much waiting for the wounds on her face to heal, we put Mable in her flight travel box and took her for a spin around the village. I was nervous knowing how she panicked previously and hurt her face on the bars of the cat basket, but we've been putting her meals and toys in the flight box and It seems to have worked. Mable was very brave and now ready to fly to her mum in the UK.



One of the hotels that has a couple of our Cat Cafes in Caleta is carrying out some renovation work, so one cafe has been temporarily moved until work is completed. Thankfully the cats have found the cafes new location ( sorry about the dark blurred photos it was late and dark when we went to clean and refill them).



An update on Buster. After we were told about a cat with a tail that was literally rotting and failing off we then had to try and trap him despite that fact he was wearing a collar, he was to afraid to come close.

but with the help of a very kind couple that live opposite where he was coming for food, who we lent a trap, they managed to catch him.

Unfortunately we were unable to trace his original owners and he doesn't have a microchip.

Buster had to have his tail amputated and was given a course of antibiotics & strong pain medication.

His wound is healing great and the best news ever is that he's been adopted by the couple that trapped him. No longer afraid and living rough he has shown what a gentle,sweet and loving guy he is.



Born on a roof top, and when the owner of the building has enough of them she puts them in a cardboard box in the street,

Needless to say they won't be going back!!, and now we've managed to catch mum and she is booked in to be sterilised



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