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Fuerte Felinos  contacted us recently, to report that cats in the resort of Nuevo Horizonte are being shot. As you can see in these photos this particular cat has been shot several times. If you live in Nuevo Horizontie and own a cat be very careful if you let them go outside and be vigilant for all the homeless cats that have no one to protect them.









 SUSAN DAVIS 1950 – 2015

Sue and Aslan Dec 30th 2014

We are deeply saddened at the recent loss of our “lovely Sue”. Just over 2 weeks ago Sue became unwell with what the doctors thought was a bad case of the 'flu', but within days her condition had deteriorated so much she was admitted into hospital and placed on life support. On the evening of 31st January she lost her battle for life. I took this photo of Susan just 4 weeks ago, it caught her doing what she loved best. As usual she had come to see her Twinkle babies. She would come through the gate with a smile and greet you with a big 'Sue hug' and a kiss and then say …”OK where is everyone (meaning all our Twinkle cats and kittens) I must go and have some cuddles”.


In this photo Sue is giving Aslan (one of resent rescues) a kiss and a cuddle. She was always at her happiest when she was cuddling or caring for someone or something. Over the years, Sue and her husband Spike have fostered many cats and kittens for us, a few they kept as family additions and many more that Sue nurtured and got well, before helping them move onto new and better lives. During our neutering campaigns Sue not only helped us look after the cats and kittens with her gentle cuddles and kind words, she would also become ‘house mummy’, and make sure that the rest of us always had a hot meal and a cuddle when needed. There are no words for the loss we all feel right now. We've all lost a wonderful friend and Spike and their 2 beautiful daughters have lost a devoted wife and Mum.



During December 2014 Elizabeth Whiter visited the Twinkle house and has kindly announced that 20% of proceeds from their April workshop will be donated to Twinkle.

We are so thankfull to Elizabeth for such a kind gesture. 






Caleta Repertory Amateur Production raised an incredible €2700 for 3 local charities.


The people from this fabulous group are amazing and have worked really hard, providing matinee performances and evening performances for many weeks.Twinkle was presented with €900 at the end of the final performance.They have done a great job and everyone had super fun at every single performance. Our heartfelt thanks from all at Twinkle to you lovely people.


 Above is a photo of Simber, a big cat we rescued this weekend, he's been in an accident with a car and has a very badly broken leg






Little Bitzy, yawning after breakfast, but looking like she is smiling, this photo was not edited and we love it - now in a loving home after being with us when we found her sick, starving and in need of help. Happy New year.


URGENT APPEAL. Over 35 cats need help - now!

Recently I received a call asking if Twinkle Trust can help a very desperate group of cats. There are OVER 35 cats living in a flat with 2 well-meaning people, they love the cats very much, but can't cope and the situation has hit crisis point.

We are a volunteer neutering charity (not a sanctuary), all of our money goes on vets bills for neutering and emergency treatments, plus cat food etc.etc.etc. and we already have more cats than we can find homes for.We can't possibly take in any more cats.
Next week, we hope and plan to go in and take away some of the cats, once we have them we will take them to the vets for health checks etc. but we MUST find homes for as many as possible. These cats are not used to going outside! but of course they can once they have gained sufficient weight and are stronger. These cats will need time to gain strength and to adapt to a new environment. Please, please if you have the time and love to give and the possibility to adopt,even if its to live in a nice safe garden, then please send me a private message or text me on 659598719. I will get back to you as soon as possible. We need to act quickly!
Update 12/02/2015
Today we were able to enter the property and we removed 15 of the cats, they are now being examined by the vet.These poor cats are all very underweight and some were in urgent need of medical attention. We can't take them all in and are desperate to try and find homes for the cats that are only suffering from the lack of food and care. 


We still have our Twinkle calendars for sale and ready to be posted,they are now reduced to just £5.00 each, this includes postage and packing.We ordered extra because so many people requested one but we still have some left, we would rather sell them for no profit than have excees at a loss.
They are professionally printed and have plenty of space to write on for each day.
To purchase one pay via the "Charity Checkout" link at the top of this page. When you enter you details please click the 'add message' box and send us your name and address and tell us your donation is for a calendar.


Two very cold days -  fundraising at Christmas Fayres over the weekend.13 & 14 December 2014


We had everything on offer from cat and dog hampers, painted pebbles, knitted cats and kittens, Twinkle calendars and plants.

                   Sue H - enduring the cold weather with a smile and a warm welcome.     Wonderful items.

                                    Polly - always smiling.

Many,many thanks to the volunteers for all their hard work and to everyone for the huge amount of great items, many where hand made.Special thanks to Cath for getting this organised and up and running in aid of Twinkle.



The week of 19th November we carried out another large stray cat neutering campaign. Even though we are neutering or taking sick cats to the vets through out the year, there are always still more cats and kittens in need of help. Our campaign week was hectic, as always we were inundated with calls from people asking for help from all over the island. We had a list in excess of over 400 cats that needed help and we did our best to reach as many as possible, we travelled from Betancuria, La Oliva, Vellabron, Corralejo to Caleta de Fuste and everywhere else in between. It was just a small team of us, a few volunteer ladies flew out especially from the UK and some great Spanish and English island residents came to help as well, which was brilliant. The weather was the worst it could have been for catching and releasing, the island has never seen such heavy rain that went on for days at a time and the wind was so strong, it blew away anything not nailed down.


We managed to admit 295 cats to the vets during the week, with a further 13 that we took in because they were sick or injured. It was a challenging and emotional week but we know we have made a difference to so many feline lives and helped some very kind local people as well. Our work is heart-breaking when we see the conditions some cats have to try and survive in, one of our first places we went to help had 28 cats and kittens, they were all fighting over an old piece of goat bone that had no meat on it at all, these cats were starving and covered in fleas and ticks, now they are all neutered, parasite free and hopefully now their future will be a little bit easier. We also see 'the good' in many people, Its heart-warming to meet such kind people that have no money but manage to feed 30+ cats on very little and that care so much for the homeless cats.Again this is another spot where we managed to catch every single cat, so the future for this little group will be so much better. We fall in love with so many of the cats when we're out 'catching' them for neutering, all they are trying to do is 'survive' and stay 'safe'. If we all help, even just a little bit we can make such a MASSIVE difference. To all of you, that supported or participated with our campaign - THANK YOU - from all the voiceless cats and kittens of Fuerteventura.


  Another kitten with infected eyes.  Mummy cat helping us look after her sick kittens.  Another sick kitten that was living on the streets.


At the end of our week we were left with 13 new cats and kittens that we could not return because they were either sick or unsafe. We've managed to find a great home for one of the kittens but that still leaves us with 12 new cats. We now have 75 cats and kittens, we can't give them all the love,cuddles and comforts of the home life they need. Please get in touch if you can help by adopting. We all need 'someones' help.


Cats at the vets.Dec 2014


We've just had some sad news from the vets. Our little Biscuit has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer) after a biopsy of one of his lymph-nodes. Ever since we have known him, he has suffered from 'cat-flu' symptoms and his glands have been swollen. Biscuit is such a happy little cat and loves to charge through the cat flap at 100 miles and hour and to play "knock everything off the table". Of course now we will stop trying to find him a new home and he will stay with us.
Update Dec 2014:-

Biscuit has started weekly chemotherapy treatment, intravenous and tablet form.

So far he’s not had any bad reactions and its doing OK. We’re really hoping he can keep up his strength and zest for life and get better.


We received a call from one of the hotels in Caleta to ask for our help with a very sick cat that had been seen by some clients. We went in search for the cat, all we knew was that it has a problem with its skin & ears and had trouble When we got to the hotel it was midday and very hot and we were unable to find the cat. Luckily we meet holiday maker Chris and she had seen the cat and confirmed how sick it was. Unable to find the cat we left our number with Chris and the next day she phoned to let us know she had found it. We went and picked the cat up and took her straight to the vets. Her skin was in a terrible state, she had a condition called Sarna (Mange), this is a microscopic parasite that burrows deep into the skin as it feeds and lays its eggs. If caught early it this condition can be treated with medication, bathing and creams but sadly this was not the case with this little girl. She was heavily infested, the reason she kept loosing her balance was because the mites had gone deep into her ears. Her underbelly was incredibly raw, she was clearly in pain. She was so gentle it was heart-breaking when we had to put her to sleep but not before she had a much welcomed meal of chicken and a big drink. She suffers no more.

Penelope, Dexter and Tinker all looking for good homes. Plus Shadow our latest cat.
They are all neutered and fully vaccinated against FeLV/FIV. Penelope was blood tested to check for FIV/FeLV and thankfully she was negative. She is very friendly and great with other cats. She is also rabies vaccinated and micrchipped and ready to fly to any where for a loving home.We would have no problem keeping her with us in Fuerteventura but the strong sun would be too much for a pale white skin. When we first took her in, her ears had been damaged buy the sun and they had to be removed but it has made no differance to her and she is a very happy girl that loves a cuddle. She has done so well to bring up her 8 little kittens, she really does deserve a chance. Please email and make Penelopes dreams come true.
Penelope.  Dexter and Tinker Shadow, our latest addition.After being castrated and having a cancerious ear removed.

Sick, Matted and Starving.
This poor cat was found in Neuvo Horizontie, Neil and Zoe saw she needed help and took her in, unsure what do to they asked for help. Later the same day we went and picked the cat up and took her to the vets. Well where do I start...... both her eyes are infected, her right eye has an ulcer, her fur was so matted and full of twigs, dirt & nasty sharp thorns, once her face was cleaned up we could see under all the filth her skin is red raw. Around her bottom the fur was so matted she could not pass poo. The vet had to cut this lump of poo and fur off to take her temperature and immediately she began to pass faeces and to finish off she has bad gingivitis and lots of plaque. Once the vet had given her injections for pain and antibiotics, they set about shaving her because there was no way she could be groomed. For the next 2 weeks, she needs 2 types of eye medication up to 4 times a day, special cream applied to all her raw skin which was under all the matted fur and in 2 weeks time, when she is stronger she will need a full dental. At the moment she weighs just 2 kilos. We're very hopeful that in time she will feel and look much better.
Update: this little girl is doing much better, still on lots of medication but feeling so much better.

We have so many cats and kittens in our care at the moment that its affecting what decisions we have to make when we go out on emergency calls. Last week we had to pay the vets to keep 'Monti' in the clinic for 3 nights because he needed looking after and we have no space. We can't afford to keep doing this, we are worryingly low on funds, our only funding comes from public donations, we are all unpaid volunteers, we are not a sanctuary but if we have space we can look after a kitten or cat until its better. Times are desperate. We have many more cats and kittens than shown here, all looking for help.


Monti the cat - He's the "Bear Grylls" of the cat world.

  After 3 days of vet treatment. Now feeling OK.

Monti the cat "trapped and starving" - We received a call about a cat that had been heard crying for 2 1/2 weeks! This poor cat had got himself down into a patio which had walls of at least 12 feet high. He had no way of getting out. Very dehydrated and starving, he had been getting a few drops of water from the plumbing from the washing machine in the patio and eating lizards and bugs. Thanks to volunteer Chris, who dropped down into the patio to rescue him (we had no ladders long enough), within minutes of getting Monti in the basket we were in the vets for emergency treatment.


This pretty little girl (only about 1 year old) appeared in our garden on Wednesday, within a few hours we discovered she was having a miscarriage. We rushed her straight to the vets, her kittens could not be saved as they were not fully developed. She was x-rayed to check for any more kittens but there were none, she was given fluids and antibiotics because it was an infection in her womb that had caused the miscarriage. She is recovering well. It so sad to think this sort of thing must happen often when these poor homeless cats are unneutered. 



This is Sophie. All her life she has lived at Castillo Beach in Caleta. She has provided cuddles to many holiday-makers over the last 10 years. Recently we were told about her swollen and injured foot. Yesterday we collected her and today took her to the vets. The vet had to trim off the thick extended claw and clean up her wound. She is on a course of antibiotics and pain relief medicine. We have noticed that she drinks a lot of water, so on her review at the vets in 1 weeks time, will need to have her blood tested to check her kidneys etc are OK. Sophie is a very sweet natured cat and at least 11 years old. This is a super age for a 'complex' (homeless cat). It's wonderful for us to see cats that we neutered over a decade ago, still alive and even though she may have some renal problems she is doing great. If she needs a place to stay for her Autumn years we will keep her with us and she can join all our other Twinkle fluffs.

Sophie, after her vet visit. Injured foot before going to the vets. After the vet has trimmed and treated her injured foot.


25 August - A little update on Sophie, this morning we took her to the vets for an operation on her foot. the vet will have to remove the claw and possibly some bone. Its expected she will need to be on pain medication and antibiotcs for some time.

29 September - The vet has received the results of a test made on some of the damaged tissue on Sophie's foot and the bad news is, it was a cancerious tumour. We are hoping that the vet managed to remove all the tumour and it won't grow back.




More of our rescued animals. Place your curser over the photo for more details.

  Bitzy sick and starving just after we found her.     Bitzy feeling better after lots of TLC and cuddles.    Bitzy feeling better after lots of TLC and cuddles.      


Penelope, after raising her 8 kittens and having to have her ears removed because of skin cancer she is still looking for a loving home.She is super with other cats and a very gentle loving cat.  This little beauty came to us recently when her owner was leaving the island and was going to have to put her 5 cats out on the street. They are all still looking for a nice homes.  Julian and Tinker, 2 of Penelopes kittens have grown up in our foster cages, we would love to find them all nice,loving homes.      



These photos are just a handful of some of the fluffs we need to find good homes for.Please contact us on 0034659598719 or if you can help save a life.



Some of Twinkle's Volunteers in Action


   Chris and Sue cleaning and applying eye medication for this little kitten with cat flu.    Suza and Cat, having a much needed break after catching over 100 cats for vet treatment and neutering    George and Janet with Chris. What would I do without your help!





Cat Cafes – Twinkle has 17 cafes in the resort of Caleta de Fuste. This means the homeless cats have some where to eat and have fresh water. Many are based in the grounds of hotels that work with Twinkle, the cafes help not only the cats but the hotels, it means the cats don’t go looking into people's holiday accommodation for food. We need 70 kilos of dry food every week to keep the cat cafes stocked up. The cafes are cared for by kind volunteers that live in Fuerteventura, some cafes need maintaining once a week, others need attending to 3 times a week, depending on the number of cats that rely on the café. We are always in need of volunteers to help look after a cat café.


The work we do is incredibly hard , both emotionally and physically, although we were all exhausted the sense of purpose, achievement and team work kept our sprits high.


Below are just a few of the cats that we have been able to help in the last 12 months. Cats in for neutering or treatment and TLC. 





Jan 2014 


Donations can be made via our [Donate page].


If you live in Fuerteventura or Europe and could help Twinkle with a donation you can make a regular donation or a one-off amount to the Twinkle account detailed here.


Twinkles Bank Details: Account 0081-0695-57-0001158319



IBAN : ES16 0081 0695 5700 0115 8319 /BIC BSAB ESBB 






Caleta Harbour Cat Cafe





We use over 280 kilos to stock the Cafe's with food every month, as such we are always looking for volunteers to help with them, or welcome any donations to help keep them stocked.




Donating items to Twinkle in Fuerteventura.



We are really pleased that anyone who wishes to donate any items to Twinkle can now drop them off in Caleta De Fuste. 


Fuerte Crystals have kindly said they are happy to accept items on our behalf at their shop which is located at Urbanización Costa de Antigua, 35610 Castillo Caleta de Fuste.







Any toys, bedding , treats or food would be most appreciated,  at the moment they are only able to accept smaller items, for larger items please contact us and we will arange collection.



We frequently have small items that need to travel to Fuerte, if you have a couple of kilos baggage allowance free and would be happy to drop them off at Fuerte Crystal please contact us.