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Ryan finished the Virgin London marathon yesterday in 3hr 15min 04sec, this is such a great time for someone who untill a year ago had not even considered running as something he would do.

 We would like to thank Ryan for taking on this massive challenge and making us all proud, we must also thank Gill and Heather who have supported Ryan all through, and for making the travel and accomodation arrangments


If you tried to donate yesterday Virgin money had an issue with their website, and have offered to make a 10% increase to all donations made yesterday and today 23rd & 24th April, so if you tried but failed now would be a good time.


Please click on either of the pictures below.....Thank you


ALL the proceeds go directly to Twinkle, so you are getting the chance to sponsor Ryan, help Twinkle, Leave a message and make it possible for us to keep on helping the cats, without funding, we cannot carry on helping the cats as shown below, and these are the lucky ones we have been able to get to.


Meet Amy

Yesterday she was lifeless and had a massve bulge on the side of her face. One of our vets, Anna thought it could be an abcess even though there was no wound, Well we were both shocked when Anna inserted a needle and drained out 28 ml of puss. Amy also had a very high temp of 40.5 so it was no surprise she was in the state she was.

Within hours of having the puss drained, medication inc antiboitics and pain relief she was looking so much better, and today she back on her feet and hissing away.


Very sadly our Honey is no longer with us, last monday evening we had to take the hard decision to say goodbye. Our vets are sure it was another stroke, causing her issues with her limbs and her head.

Honey has been with us for a very long time, years ago during our large scale campaigns we would collect her from the area outside the zoo, treat her and she would then go back, but one day we decided she should stay and she became a very loved member of the household.

She will be missed by so many and she leaves a huge void in our hearts



Earlier this year we had Astrid as an inpatient, Astrid was being fed by some really kind people, but was in bad shape, she was very thin and had probably been in an accident which had caused her tail to be de-gloved, basicly the flesh having been strpped off leaving it dried and looking like a twig.

Astrid has had a couple of operations on her tail, been neutered and is now in a forever home with the people that had been caring for her.