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Last year we were invited to attend Foal Farms annual Country Festival and we had a great day, we met some of our supporters and made new friends as well, enjoying the whole experience.

We are back again on the 23rd July and are looking forward to another fun day.

So if you are looking for a great day out then Foal farm could be a good choice, and if your there please drop by and say hello.


We recently caught 43 cats in five days for neutering!!, 

One location where there were 14 cats living, was in an industrial estate which was extremely dangerous for the cats and kittens because it was a steel yard with heavy machinery and equipment on the move all the time.

There was also no food or water, one of the mother cats was sick and it showed us that she had been eating lots of plastic wire in desperation for something to eat. Luckily we were able to relocate most of the cats after they were neutered thanks to the help of a very kind Twinkle supporter.



Choni our little old lady that we had to remove from her home of 10 years 'a hotel flower pot' in the hotel gardens.

No offer of a home yet, but here she is enjoying a nice comb and some much needed 1 to 1 time with Catherine last week.






And as if things are not bad enough, another 3 kittens found dumped at rubbish bins in Antigua, and these one are sick as well. Arrangments have been made to get them veterinary treatment.

This really needs to stop now, not only is it irresponsible, but Twinkle cannot deal with anymore



Dumped in the rubbish bins like trash in Rosario, Can anyone help, Twinkle can't deal with much more, we are so full, it seems like every 5 mins more and more kittens are dumped or we are being told that they will be killed by the owner of the mother cat because they don't want more kittens



Earlier this week we had a call from a gentleman called Jose regarding a mummy cat and her kittens in a very unsafe area in El Charco. Once there it was obvious why one of the kittens had been killed, there were cars, vans and all sort of vehicles rushing by.

Initialy a trap was set, but without success, so it was down to being a human octopus, Jose lifted the boat and I grabbed in all directions whilst mummy watched from a distance, Anyway 3 hours later mum and 3 kitts were in the car.

The upturned boat with one kitt sitting just in front.



We must rehome Choni (the name the hotel staff had lovingly given her) ASAP. As you may have read in one of our previous posts we had to remove her from a hotel because she allegedly bit a child, she's been as good as gold with us and is a very sweet old lady, probably at least 10 years old, but she does not like other cats at all. If she even see's another cat in the cage next door to her, she lunges at them. So keeping her with us is not a possibility. We would love to find her a nice home for her Autumn years where she can feel safe and loved.



Chispita & her mum Leoncia are STILL waiting for someone to love and adopt them. They came to Twinkle in 2015, from a violent & physically abusive home. They are so, so sweet and would love a proper home. I wish we could give them the home they want but we have so many cats. If you got to know these two beauties, I know you would love them. They are a bit shy with strangers but that's understandable because of what they went through. They are lovely and would be lost without each other, so they must stay together.



Gomez, formerly known as Brownie, is looking absolutely brilliant. Since going to his new home with Gill and Ryan he's had life changing surgery on his eyes, 1 eye had to be removed because it was already so badly damaged, the other eye was being damaged by in-growing eyelashes. Since his surgery he's recovered really well & you can actually see his right eye, which we couldn't before and it looks great.


It's certain Gomez will need constant suportive treatment, but at least he is in good company with Ray.


Thank you Gill and Ryan for not only adopting Gomez but for providing him with the best treatment possible and the most loving home.

Here are Gomez and Ray slowly coming round to becoming housemates



Ryan finished the Virgin London marathon yesterday in 3hr 15min 04sec, this is such a great time for someone who untill a year ago had not even considered running as something he would do.

 We would like to thank Ryan for taking on this massive challenge and making us all proud, we must also thank Gill and Heather who have supported Ryan all through, and for making the travel and accomodation arrangments


Ryan & Gill have raised almost £3000, which once gift aid is added is just over £3,500


Please click on either of the pictures below.....Thank you


ALL the proceeds go directly to Twinkle, so you are getting the chance to sponsor Ryan, help Twinkle, Leave a message and make it possible for us to keep on helping the cats, without funding, we cannot carry on helping the cats as shown below, and these are the lucky ones we have been able to get to.


Do you remember Stanley ?, the adorable boy we found last month with an old break to his elbow, the break couldn't be fixed because it had fused long ago.

On Thursday we took Stanley to our vets because he was continually getting bleeding sores on his 'wrist' from using that to walk on because he couldn't use his leg.

Our garden has no soft grass, just gravel and cement which made it difficult for Stanley to use. After much discussion at the clinic and on our vets advise we opted to have his damaged leg amputated.

This was not our first choice because of the cost and time it will take for Stanley to recover but it was the only choice.The same night of his big operation Stanley was eating and proudly showing off his stitches. He needs daily pain medication and wound cleaning and regular check ups. But so far, Stanley looks much happier and totally unfazed by it all.


Romeo who was one of our garden cats, has decided that being indoors is great fun, so has sneaked in and taken up the position on one of the chairs.

He's so happy he's even snoring.



Our lovely Cilla has been suffering from a sore patch on her eye since last year, we've tried lots of different antibiotics that the vet has prescribed, but nothing has worked. So the other month our vet suggested that we have a biopsy done, which we did. We recenctly had the results back, and the sad news is that it's an aggressive type of skin cancer.

Sadly there is no cure, but we will keep doing all we can to keep her safe and happy.



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