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Some of you may have seen a change in the donation buttons on the website and Facebook, we have taken the decision to join Charities Aid Foundation and to use their Caf Donate platform.

We have taken this decision after comments from some of our supporters and the increase in costs being made to us by Charity Checkout.

We are really looking forward to this new relationship with The Charities Aid Foundation and believe this will be a long and happy venture

Sadly, the only downside to the transfer is that regular donators will need to cancel their payments to Charity Checkout and to start again with Caf Donate, we will of course help with this in any way we can, but so far, all comments have been positive about using Caf Donate. There are so many easy options for you to use and many more we have yet to pursue.

During the next couple of months, we will be contacting everyone by email to let them know of this and with this link to Caf Donate .

We thank you for your past support and hope that we can move forward with this new venture together.

Twinkle Trust Animal Aid



Last week we caught 96 cats and neutered all but 2 of them.

34 cats were from Caleta de Fuste, the rest were from various places such as La Jares, Tetir, Puerto Del Rosario, El Matoral and many more locations. Several cats stayed in our care for longer post op because extra surgery was needed such as skin cancer to the ears, blindness in both eyes due to cat flu and some that were just in poor health that needed extra TLC.

58 females were neutered, 36 males castrated and 2 were gently put to sleep by our local vet that we're terminally sick.

Sadly there are still many more out there we couldn't get to this time.



Yesterday (Wednesday) whilst catching cats for neutering in a nearby village we found this tiny girl, 

The photos make her appear much bigger than she really is.

She is blind, her eyes were just a mush, and she has a deformity or some kind of damage to her ears, maybe from sunburn.

Catherine our super volunteer that found her, fell in love with her straight away and once you meet her you will understand why, she is so adorable, she oozes love, purrs and snuggles into you and she has melted all our hearts.

Our great Vet javier at Bichos veterinary clinic carried out surgery to clean, repair and close her eyes so no further damage can occur. As soon as she had recovered from the surgery and was cosy in one of our foster cages she dived head first into a bowl of food with such enthusiasm it made us all smile.

She is a remarkable and tough little girl and we have no idea how she managed to survive so long.

Catherine would love to give her a home in the UK where she could live with Catherines other rescue family.

We would really like to get her to the UK and into the care of Catherine, and if you could help we have set up a couple of dedicated pages where you are able to make a contribution towards her future



Born on a roof top, and when the owner of the building has enough of them she puts them in a cardboard box in the street,

Needless to say they won't be going back!!, and now we've managed to catch mum and she is booked in to be sterilised



Lot's of neutering going on this week, these are some of the days patients.

One also had skin cancer of the ears, so she's been in surgery longer to remove the cancerous sections.

This is one of the dangers of being a white cat in this intense sun, we will be trying to find her a foreverhome, but as we are so full she will have to be returned to where she came if none is found.




UK cat,
This is Timmy, whose owner died recently, He is still being cared for at his home by neighbours, but really needs to find a new home before his is sold. Although I was told he was not a lap cat he loved me picking him up and cuddles, he is over 10 years old, but seems in very good health.

We are not sure of his behaviour with other cats, as he was the only cat in the household and spent a lot of the time outside.
He is in the Dorking Surrey area, so please if you think you could offer him a home, contact me on
Thank you Alun



Skittles & Fifi, came to us as tiny sick kittens and were with us many months almost giving up on finding a home, but they have both now been adopted by Agata, with the promise of a home and love for 20 years.

Thank you Agata



We were looking for a home for this fellow we called Mr Handsome who was found living in unfinished buildings in Nuevo Horizonte, when we had great news that he was going to be adopted by his new dad after a great meeting together



Some good news, Maddie's 2 shy little girls have gone to a really great forever home with a nice genuine Spanish family only interested in adopting rescued kittens and willing to put the time in to make them happy kitts.

Thank you Frederico and your lovely family


Only another 10-50 that need homes now



Here is some of the cat food "you" our supporters have donated. To save space it was removed from it's packaging so more could be brought out to Fuerteventura on Saturday. What can we say... we have some very content cats now. We had another 10 packs of Felix donated to us today and any day a food parcel from Madrid should arrive. When the going gets tough our UK supporters are the best. Gracias and purrs from all our rescued felines

During our recent plea/request for food Miguel from Madrid asked if he could send some via Zooplus, it arrived a few days ago and we are so grateful.


Thank you Miguel



Lunch and sleep time for the 3 kitts (all girls it turns out) that we recently caught at Barcelo Club reception. We were going to feed them up, neuter them and return them asap.But the day after we caught them their tree and a big bush they knew as home were pulled out for redevelopment work. Luckily 1 of them has a good home to go to soon.



We recently caught 43 cats in five days for neutering!!, 

One location where there were 14 cats living, was in an industrial estate which was extremely dangerous for the cats and kittens because it was a steel yard with heavy machinery and equipment on the move all the time.

There was also no food or water, one of the mother cats was sick and it showed us that she had been eating lots of plastic wire in desperation for something to eat. Luckily we were able to relocate most of the cats after they were neutered thanks to the help of a very kind Twinkle supporter.






And as if things are not bad enough, another 3 kittens found dumped at rubbish bins in Antigua, and these one are sick as well. Arrangments have been made to get them veterinary treatment.

This really needs to stop now, not only is it irresponsible, but Twinkle cannot deal with anymore




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