If you would like to keep up with events on the island, and get to listen to great music, why not tune in to


It's also available in the uk via their Amazon radio skill,

or online radio players

Donate page

We have listed our donation system providers here for you to choose your best option, some of these providers allow you to sign up to gift-aid, doing so makes your donation even greater at no cost to you.

Please remember we rely on you the public for donations to help the animals of Fuerteventura.

Thank you

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CAF is our primary donation platform chosen for its simplicity.

Here you can gift aid you donation.



Clicking the link to the left will take you to the PayPal Giving Fund page where your donation will be administerd by PayPal, using this we receive 100% of your donation.




Certain of our posts on Facebook will have a donation option, if you donate via one of these posts your donation will be processed by PayPal Giving Fund and paid to Twinkle automatically via PayPal.



If you would like to donate using bank transfer to the Twinkle bank account contact using the details from the Contact Us page.