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It's only 2 weeks till Ryan once again takes on the virtual marathon, this year he is being joined by Gill & Amanda who have their own plan on how to complete it.
Whichever way it's done 26.2 miles is a long way, and giving up your sunday to do it means so much to us at Twinkle.
So no matter how small an amount please consider showing your support to these guys, and of course it all goes to help the puss cats.
Links to each of the guys will be added in the comments.
Thanks everyone.

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As you may have heard since the Broncemar Hotel reopened recently and became 4* the owners (not the manager or staff) decided they no longer wanted cat cafés or cats inside the hotel grounds.

Big mistake and very sad and considering they only had 3 cats in the entire hotel, what a poor business decision.

We had to remove the cat cafés and the cats, which to be honest after over a decade of a great partnership left me very upset and astonished.

We know many clients that have been going to this hotel for years that go just to see the cats especially the older ones.

Many a time during lockdown when the hotel was undergoing noisy and dangerous building work, I was tempted to take the brave old cat away to join our animal family but this hotel is all she has ever known and suddenly placing her amongst 50 cats and 2 dogs I thought wouldn’t be fair on her, she knows nothing of rural village life.

But not wanting the cats to be “removed “ under the owners orders and put God only knows where, we now have 2 of the older ones in our care, who of course need nice safe and peaceful homes if anyone can help please message us.

This situation has caused me great stress and heartache, all through lock down I would tell the cats as we replenished the cat cafés to hang in there, be brave, because one day the nice humans you are missing will be back.

I have to thank L & D and a guest who is a frequent holiday maker to this area for all their help in catching these 2 mature cats. It took 6 attempts to get them and now they are with us, at first they were totally bewildered in their foster cage but are now starting to relax.

Please help us find them the right home they need together.



Another 6 cats from the village of “El Time” sterilised by Twinkle thanks to your donations, just in time as well as the females outnumbered the males in this group and are all related ( and identical), would have been awful if they had mated



Molly and Mirco went to their new home on Monday.

These two are so adorable, Mirco’s favourite things are eating, playing, cuddling and more eating.

Little Molly loves her big step brother loads, they are totally inseparable, we were so lucky to home them together.



Only possible thanks to your donations .

Eight cuties we have neutered this week enjoying a nice tray of food before taking a nap.

They have gone back to a great place that love them very much and were kind enough to give them a safe place to call home.

They are all super cute and cuddly, and purr like crazy, 6 females and 2 boys.



Simba and Fonzo, have never been offered a home since we took them after finding them in a bucket at one of our cat cafés.

They are adorable.

Just chilling on a Sunday





We have had an insanely busy month, catching up on jobs and cats that needed vet visits with the help of our lovely Judy and Jo from England and also neutering 53 cats in the last 10 days with the help of Catherine, Suza and Angela.
There were times this week we were really struggling with the terribly high temperatures during the day, it drains all our energy and makes it so much harder, but it was the only opportunity of help so we had to crack on.
Every single cat that we sterilised has also been treated by the vet against fleas and worms, it so important because for many it is most likely the only time a helping human will be able to touch or get close to them, ever!.
We weren’t just trapping and neutering, the days were never long enough, more posts to follow soon.
If anyone can help donate to the work we do please go to our donation page, for some of the cats we are able to help it’s life changing surgery and treatment and only possible thanks to you our brilliant supporters.



It’s time to give Bella and her babies the life they deserve.
We are still looking for good responsible homes for Bella, and her 5 remaining babies (1 dark grey is female and 1 of the black ones are female), all the others are little boys.
They are now 9 weeks old, and will soon be starting their vaccinations same as mumma Bella.
They are totally adorable, playful and socialised.
Please send a text or WhatsApp message to Twinkle on 659598719



We were alerted by staff that a new female cat had appeared in one of the complexes we have cat cafés and she had now given birth to 6 kittens sadly we were asked to remove them.

A very nice lady had tried to put mum and babies on her patio but this just stressed the mum and she moved her kittens in the night, so yesterday after some searching mum and her tiny babies were found under a bush near the car park.

So even though we are already struggling we had to take them in.

One of our volunteers is looking after them for the moment, until I can prepare space for them.

Later today they are going to Species for health checks etc.

We think the babies are only about 10 days old but the vet can let us know for sure later.

The mum is very loving and friendly, just skinny from having to find enough food for her and her babies, but her babies all look well feed and in very good health.

She is being a great mum. Eventually we would like to find true forever homes and give them all a happy ending.


UPDATE: Benny is still in the care of the vet clinic and cannot be released yet. Everything that could be done, has been done, now we must wait and hope Benny gains strength and starts his long road to recovery.
We need your help to pay hospital bill for Benny.
Benny disappeared Thursday then thanks to neighbors who know him he was found on Saturday morning, hiding under car.
When his feeder got to him they found he sustained injuries probably from being hit by a car.
Thanks to Helen Christie who rushed him to the Vets he received medical care and was stabilized, the surgeon fixed his dislocated leg and treated for pneumothorax.. He is due for surgery this morning at Clinica Veterinaria Fuerteventura.
Any support is very much appreciated.



Lucky Luke having a much needed bath, think the look on his face after was pure bliss 😄.
Thank you Monica.
Is there a good forever home out there for him?
Message 659598719 for more information. Thank you



Update on the little kitty found hiding under cars near the airport yesterday.
He’s actually a boy, now named Lucky Luke.
In the photos you can see he’s got a couple of injuries and dirty ears but he’s doing well with the love of his foster mum Monica and I’m sure in no time he’ll be gaining the weight he needs.
At just 6 weeks old he’s lucky he was found and now safe.



Update: Mum Mathilda, Dad Panchito and the kids Sarina, Mirco and Lily, the family we recently had to pick up from the harbou  after they were left under cover of darkness!.
Mum and Dad are now reserved for their new home and so is Mirco one of the boys.
Little SARINA and LILY still need homes, together would be even better.
They are such a sweet and loveable bunch.
We’ve had to cut the collars off that were on mum and dad, they were so tight and had caused sore spots.
They are all underweight but have great appetites and will soon be the weight they should be (they all look bigger in the photos).
Dad is so loving to them and mum is so gentle and caring. The kids are all really adorable, they like having lots of cuddles and belly rubs.
If you meet them you would totally fall in love.
We’re so grateful we have found really good homes for Mum, Dad and Mirco but we still need help to find truly loving homes for Sarina & Lily.
They are approximately 4 months old, and sooooo cute and cuddly. Please text or Whatapp message 659598719 if you would like to meet them if you’re able to offer a home.



This mum, dad and 3 juvenile offspring suddenly appeared near the cat café in the harbour in Caleta after dark.

They are all extremely hungry and underweight, Mum and Dad have collars on them as you can see in the video.

They are being fostered until Saturday, while we wait for (hard to get at the moment) vet appointments to see if they have microchips, and maybe they are someone’s much loved cats.

If they don’t have microchips we will have them all checked over by the vets, sterilised and treated against fleas and worms this week. But come Saturday we cannot keep them any longer because of the huge strain we are already under and they will be released where they were abandoned  

They have a strong, loving family bond with each other, dad is super nice with his babies, as is the mum.

They are all really nice and must have been someone’s pets, because they are used to being cuddled and picked up (they are just bewildered and confused right now).

They are all clearly in shock by whatever has occurred over the last 24 hours, last night they found themselves in an environment they don’t know, with lots of other strange cats and people and noises they are not used to ( and this I’m sure was after a nervous car journey to the harbour ).

What we truly want is to find out they are much loved and wanted family pets, but if not we really would like to find them all genuinely good and caring homes.

We will keep you updated with any news or information we can find out about this beautiful feline family.If we cannot find the owner or the good homes they deserve, it’s going to be a very emotional and tough day if we must put them back out on Saturday. Please contact me via TEXT or WhatsApp MESSAGE on 659598719, if you have any information on these cats or even better can offer loving homes. I will reply to all messages as quickly as possible. Many thanks



For those of you that know Nibbles as we call her, here is a little video of her having a quick cuddle as we cleaned and refilled the cat cafés at Broncemar.

We’re the only people she sees all week and she’s always so pleased to see us.

At the moment she has her own private feeding spot until the hotel opens again.



For those of you that know Nibbles as we call her, here is a little video of her having a quick cuddle as we cleaned and refilled the cat cafés at Broncemar.

We’re the only people she sees all week and she’s always so pleased to see us.

At the moment she has her own private feeding spot until the hotel opens again.



2 more of our cat cafés fitted with plastic (not harmful, just uncomfortable) spikes and rubber strips this week.

We love the birds but they are eating all the cat biscuits and bathing in the fresh drinking water and the cats are left with nothing for days.

This should help do the trick ( sorry doves)

We do leave food seperate for the birds to share.



Pinto has at last been trapped, sterilised, treated for parasites and his war wounds.... so pleased and relieved for Pinto.

He was spoilt rotten whilst recovering in his cage overnight with special milk and lots of yum cat food by L & D.

A real team effort to trap this fella, after many, many attempts and following him incognito from all his favourite haunts, finally he went in the trap when sneaking into Emi’s outside laundry room.

Happy life now Pinto and no more fighting please



Little Elba is an old girl that lives at one of the hotels in Caleta.

She’s such a sweet old lady and lately her fur has thinned out, despite having nice regular food and flea treatments from the vets.

We’re trying to get to the bottom of what’s wrong and hope to have her looking better really soon



Many of the cats in Nuevo Horizonte are without food, this is not the best video but it shows cat searching the big bins trying to find food.

We have just given a kind lady that asked for help 40 kg of dry cat food, this is thanks to your donations, they will now have food for at least a month




Theo who we had to take back into our care when his parents were no longer able to keep him after his adoption due to the crisis.
As you can see he’s now found found his way into the house and after many little supervised trips into the garden he’s loving his freedom and is so good with all our other cats and dogs. We would still love to find him a home with a secure garden.
Cats and dogs he gets on great with but can nip when picked up so maybe better without children.
Please contact us if you would like more information on Theo. Checks and adoption contracts apply as standard


Thanks to you our life saving supporters, who’s donations we couldn’t continue without, we’re able to sterilise these 2 beautiful girls next week.

They are booked in at the vets and soon won’t have to worry about having more kittens, especially as kitten season is going to be upon us soon.

Your donations mean the world of difference-thank you.



An answer to a question we've been asked many times regarding the costs incurred by us for neutering

This is not a straight forward answer but we hope this is enough to give you a clear guide.

Prices vary at each clinic, the more we neuter at some clinics the more discount we receive.

We use 4 different clinics depending on the cats condition, location of the cats, and location of the volunteer or trappers. For neutering, on average we pay €75 per female and €55 per male, which includes flea and worming for every cat.

Twinkle currently owes in excess of €12k in vet bills!

We are regularly paying chunks off the bills but every week we have more cats that need our help.


       We really want to stop cats ending up like this one below,               especially as many are just kittens themselves

We are currently helping 4 separate colonies of between 7-10 cats in each, and also several lone cats that need neutering ASAP.

There are more cats out there that need help but we can’t cope with more logistically or financially.  

Our mission is to always try and get every single cat in a colony neutered, leaving just 1 female cat unneutered can put us back to square one within months, so it’s a constant effort.


   If we miss just one cat mature enough to                breed, this is what can happen.



As you may have seen, this apology had been published in Hoy and Fuertextra, which are 2 local publications in Fuerteventura. In addition as agreed in the courts we are publishing it on our internet pages.





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