The Susan Davis Sanctuary




We are all deeply saddened at the recent loss of our “lovely Susan”. On the evening of 31st January Susan lost her battle for life after her sudden illness. We took this photo of Susan just 4 weeks before her passing, it caught her doing what she loved best. As usual she had come to see her Twinkle babies. She would come through the gate with a smile and greet you with a big 'Sue hug' and a kiss and then say …”OK where is everyone (meaning all our Twinkle cats and kittens) I must go and have some cuddles”.


In this photo Sue is giving Aslan (one of our rescues) a kiss and a cuddle. She was always at her happiest when she was cuddling or caring for someone or something.



Over the years, Sue and her husband Spike have fostered many cats and kittens for us, a few they kept as family additions and many more Sue nurtured and got well, before helping them move onto new and better lives.

During our neutering campaigns Sue not only helped us look after the cats and kittens with her gentle cuddles and kind words, she would also become ‘house mummy’, and make sure that the rest of us always had a hot meal and a cuddle when needed. There are no words for the loss we all feel right now. We've all lost a wonderful friend and Spike and their 2 beautiful daughters have lost a devoted wife and Mum.


At the request of Susans' husband Spike and daughters Taidi and Gemini we have set up this page so that her good friends can make a contribution towards the new foster cages that Susan had often metioned and that we would like to build in Susan's memory.


We needed to raise £9800 to build and create these new, safe and comfortable, temporary retreat houses for sick and injured homeless cats, which was finally achieved early 2016, BUT we still need to maintain the cages and so please consider a small donation to keep the memories flowing





            Update August 2016



Since our first announcement of Susans passing we have had such wonderful messages and kind donations, here is the outcome of the kindness from all that knew Susan or had heard of her and took the time to remember her.


            Our new foster area


In memory of our good friend and volunteer Susan Davis, and after much fund raising by Susans husband Paul and their friends,family and Twinkle supporters work began in February this year on our new foster area. The weather was against us, many days with torrential rain and the work took a few weeks longer than expected, but we are absolutely delighted with the new cages.



They are spacious, comfortable and just as importantly we can keep them easily disinfected and cleaned.



The interior is tiled throughout, with the bedding area around the back of each cage. As many of you will know we are in constant demand to take in injured and sick homeless cats that need somewhere to recover and heal their wounds, both mentally and physically. Before the builders had even completed, we had to prepare and complete one cage for a cat that had been injured when it was asleep inside the engine area of a car when it was started up. There was nowhere else for the cat to go, his wounds extended all the way from his hip to his armpit and so El Niño was our first patient in our new cages.


Since the first day of the cages being completed, we have been full of needy patients. We currently have over 30 cats and kittens that have come to us for various reasons, that needed help.

A huge thank you to everybody for their contribution, either financially or physically for helping to make Susan's dream and our dream of new foster cages a reality. Especially to Paul for getting this massive mission off the ground and the funds raised and a big thanks are owed to volunteers, Derek and Andy for constructing the metalwork needed.

We miss our dear friend Susan every single day, she would have loved her wonderful new foster cages.


Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.