Sponsor a Cat


"Twinkle cats" are rescued cats, some of them cannot be homed in the normal way, usually due to ill health, behaviour problems or age. They live at our house in Los Estancos, where they can lead an independent life, receiving any necessary medical treatment in addition to having unlimited access to food and shelter (and cuddles). Some of the cats would love a home and would make a great companion.

As a result there is an increased financial responsibility to support them, so we have introduced a 'Sponsorship Scheme'. Please sponsor a Twinkle Cat for yourself, or as a gift to a friend / relative.

For a donation of only £3.50 per month via a regular Standing Order or £42.00 per year, you (or your friend) will receive a colour photo of your cat and we will send you copies of our newsletters.

Please click on the donate button below select your chosen cat from the drop down list and complete as required.