Go to DEFRA web site for a PDF document on importing a pet to the UK.


Twinkle Trust Animal Aid cannot be held responsible for any changes to the rules and regulations to the Pet Passport Scheme or Quarantine Procedures.


Entry to the UK from other EU Member States and approved non-EU countries:


For your pet to enter the UK from these countries, you must answer ‘yes’ to the following questions:


• Is it microchipped?

• Is your pet currently vaccinated against rabies?

• Was it vaccinated after it was microchipped?

• Have you got an EU Pet Passport or Official Veterinary Health Certificate from

   your vet certifying the microchip and vaccination?

• Have 21 days passed since it was vaccinated?

• Are you travelling into the UK with your pet on an approved route?


Dogs must also be treated for worms.


AIA Pet Travel is an agent which can help you import your pet.



Oct 2011