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Leaving a gift to Twinkle 



There are many ways of helping Twinkle Trust, but leaving a donation in your will known as a  legacy, provides essential funds for us to continue with the neutering campaigns, Veterinary care and rehoming of those not able to return to their original territory.


There are many ways to leave such a gift to Twinkle Trust in your will, by choosing to leave;

  • A pecuniary bequest, which would be a certain amount of money
  • A gift of residue, a percentage of the residue of your estate
  • A specific bequest, which would be a specific gift such as an item of art, jewelery etc.

If you already have a will, you can make amendments without rewriting it by adding a simple document called a 'Codicil'. A template can be downloaded here


As with all things legal we advise taking the advice of a solicitor, or other legal professional, this will ensure that your wishes for family, friends and charities are carried out as per your request.

Your solicitor will need certain details from you if you are considering leaving a gift,

  • Charity title;                    Twinkle Trust Animal Aid
  • Charity number;              1091253
  • Contact address;             PO box 610, Dorking, RH4 9JQ


If you choose to leave a legacy to Twinkle please let us know so we are able to thank you for your kindness. You can download a pledge form by clicking here

 Thank You



Inheritance tax advantages may be available if leaving 10% or more of your estate to a charity, more information is available from your solictor and the Inland revenue website