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Going on holiday to Fuerteventura ?




We have installed cat cafés like the one shown left in hotel and comple grounds to enable the cats to be fed and monitored, and we are always looking for volunters to help restock and clean them.


If you are going to Fuerteventura for your holiday would you be prepared to look after a café while you are there? It would mean cleaning the cafe each day and keeping the food and water dishes topped up.


We would supply you with the cat food after you have arrived in Fuerteventura.

Be Our Eyes & Ears !


As part of our policy we remove the tip of the left ear on all the cats we sterilise, this is done while the cats are under anaesthetic and causes no pain or discomfort to the cat. We have to do this to avoid catching them again and again, which would cause them unnecessary stress & trauma.


It always helps us to know how the homeless cats are doing, so any information you could provide us with would be useful. If you notice any sick or injured cats or cats that have not been sterilised (these will still have both ear tips) please let us know. We need details like:

  • Location of the cat (i.e.around apartment No. 200 of The Sunrise Hotel, Caleta)
  • What colour is the cat
  • What time of day you saw the cat & how often
  • What is wrong with the cat or maybe it just needs sterilising

We will do our best to follow up on the information you give us.


Do you live in Fuerteventura - can you help?


We are always looking for volunteers, here are just a few of the things we need.


Foster homes - we have many cats that need a safe and caring environment while they are getting better or waiting for a new home. How long it needs to be fostered for depends on its health and rehoming needs. We would provide all the equipment needed and cover all the expenses including vet bills.


Cat Cafés - Could you spare sometime each week to help us clean & provide food at a cat café. Even just 1 hour a week would make all the difference to the cats.


Market Stall - We now have a market stall at Parc Hollandes almost every sunday, if you would like to help on the day, collect items for us, store items or in any way please contact Debbie


Picking up a sick or injured cat - Would you be able to go out and catch (or pick up, if friendly) a sick or injured cat. When we get a call about a cat in need of the vets it can be  heartbreaking if we don't have anyone able to do it. We need help from people that have a car and would be prepared to do this.


Accommodation needed!

Do you have an apartment, house or villa we could use for 1 week during one of our bi-annual campaigns. We need accommodation for the volunteer veterinary team.

Contact Jenny at twinkletrust@aol.com or

tel: 659 598 719




Things you can do to help the cats while you are on holiday.


The feral cats have a different diet to the domestic cats and therefore need to be fed in a different way.

  • They should be given water to drink and NOT milk, as milk is too rich and may give them an upset stomach.


  • Ideally, they should be given tinned cat food, which can be bought from your local supermarket and cat biscuits. If you feed them dried food it is very important that you give the cats plenty of fresh water to drink.


  • They should be given small amounts of food, little and often, as they are not used to eating any great quantity at one time.
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Please contact Jenny at Twinkle if you can help   - email: twinkletrust@aol.com