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Please leave us comments, but if you would like to inform us of a cat you are concerned about please do NOT leave messages here as we may not see it for a while, please email us on twinkletrust@aol.com or twinkletrust@outlook.com or if urgent send a message or Whatsapp to 0034 659 598 719, Thank you

we are both cat lovers and just lost our beautiful Buddy.Then In Barcella beach hotel Castello we came across the cat cafés, after numerous holidays of spending time feeding and worrying about stray cats it was one of the most wonderful things we have come across and you made our holiday very special. We had a visitor every day who was not interested in being fed just cuddled. So we must tell you you are all very special people to do this and we just wish you could be in every country we visit. We wish you all the success you and the cats deserve many thanks Brian and Grace
We have just returned from a 2 week stay at The Oasis Papagayo in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. While there, we were visited at our apartment by no less than 7 of the 12 or more cats that we counted.
There were 3 or 4 that would come in and wander around. There was one in particular that really took to us. So much so that when we got up in the mornings and opened a door, he would come in and look for us and to be fed. He was the larger of the 2 black ones. His left ear was tipped also. We took it upon ourselves to buy various foods to feed any and all that would come around. We also gave them fresh bottled water and milk when they would take it.
We have cats at home and welcomed the company of the few that visited us daily. This really added to the enjoyment of our stay.
William & Jackie
Just returned from a week's holiday in Fuerteventura. I was very interested to read in the hotel grounds about your good work. I am not a cat owner, but I do like cats. The cats at the Hotel Barcelo at Caleta de Fuste were very contented (thanks to you), well fed and well mannered, and I made a point of saying 'good day' to any I met, to which without exception they responded most politely. No, honestly, I am not mad. Well, not that mad ...

I have just posted my review for the hotel on Tripadvisor, and you may be sure that I have mention to Twinkle Trust Animal Aid.
Thank-you to everyone that has sent us comments and for looking after the cats whilst on your Hols, Please keep the comments coming.
just returned from holiday stayed at elba sara hotel there was 10 cats there all very friendly I spent a hour in the morning with them and 30 mins at night I own a boarding cattery in the uk java boarding cattery so I was still feeding and looking after cats while I was on holiday lol over the 8 days I was there I bought 15 tins of food and 8kg of dry food what they all loved and as a treat got 3 tins of tuna. which they all loved.
Was great to see the cat cafe on our visit in the new year to fueverventura! Our first visit and hopefully not our last was great to see so many healthy and loving cats we had a visit every night during our stay! Have made a donation and hope to return soon! Jane x
What a fabulous idea the Cat Cafe is. Great to see so many healthy happy and contented stray cats. Stopped for a chat with them every day over Christmas. If only more people cared for cats the way you do. Keep up the good work everyone. Looking forward to seeing them all again next time I visit. In the mean time I'll be sending a donation. Best wishes, Ian Jones Wales UK
Hi there, staying at the sheraton hotel that has a cat cafe. Such a brilliant idea. All the local cats look well fed and healthy. Keep up the good work !
We visited the TT house recently and saw all the hard work that Jenny and the volunteers are carrying out. Incredible. We also saw Sophie (aka Squeaky), we saw her each year we visited Castillo Beach on holiday, she is a very affectionate and sweet cat, and it is good to know, she is safe at last... !!
Jenny it would be great at some point when you have a moment if we could see the photo that was taken of Sophie on my lap, enjoying a cuddle!
Keep up the good work Twinkle, all your work is appreciated more than you could ever know!!
Hello I have been to Fueterventura, Caleta de Fuste.
You took Sophie. I really appreciate what you have
done for her and I hope that she has a happy life.
Can't wait till I come back to Fueterventura.
Thank you so much.
Just passing by to say that I do appreciate what u do for cats and animals in general. Thank u and keep going the good job.
Just returned from the elba carlotta in fuerteventura, and found the cat cafe on the 1st day, I did visit every day and cleaned it and filled the bowls up. I think this and the sterilisation project are brilliant, I am a cat lover with 2, 18 year old rescue cats and hate going on holiday and seeing all the strays. I handed over the feeding of the cats to another couple when i left. Im also going to vist your donation page so you can keep up the good work!!
Merci ￿otre association. Nous revenons d'une semaine ￿uerteventura et nous avons d￿uvert les caf￿pour chats que nous avons aliment￿t rencontr￿de nombreux chats durant notre s￿ur. La prochaine fois nous vous informerons de notre venue pour vous aider sur place.
Congratulations and see you later

Alexandra et Romain
We just returned from a week in calista de fuste at Barcelo Spa hotel. I couldn't believe it when I see one of your cat caf￿and also how well the strays were that I see round the hotel. I knew some kind hearted people was behind it and now I've read the history behind twinkle trust I know I was right. I can't imagine what it must of been like to see all the cats and kittens dying that first time you visited but thank you for doing something for them.
I appreciate the work you do saving animals. Keep it up and the best of luck in the future!


Just got back from my third trip in a year to Caleta. First time was just for a holiday but I have now grown to love the place and come out to visit the cats (yes the sun is nice too!). Always amazed by how well the cats look and how hard Twinkle works. Thanks to Susan for the lift and lunch AND letting me spend some time at the farmhouse. Very glad I got to see Hailey once more before she passed. She will be missed. Hopefully be out again beginning of 2014...wonder what will be taken in my suitcase that time...done nappies, cat food, cat flaps, even weighing scales! Just happy that I can help. Simone.xx
I have just returned from a week's break at the Elba Sara Resort in Feuteventura, which has one of the Cat Cafes. I must say how impressed I was with this initiative, and donated both my time (in keeping the area clean and ensuring the cats had food and water) plus donation (in terms of cat food and a money donation in the donation box in the hotel reception). I am a cat lover in any case and have 3 of my own, plus I am a volunteer at my local Cats Protection Rehoming Centre (Bredhurst, Kent) so was pleased to see such a caring community in terms of what you are doing for the cat population in Feuteventura. The cats all looked very healthy and were very friendly - we even gave them names whilst we were there, and were sorry to leave! Keep up the good work xx
We ( family, with 2 young daughters from holland,all 4 of us are real cat-lovers) were last week in Caleta de Fuste, app. Broncemar beach. and we were so pleased to see how you help the street cats. We.ve seen 10 cats that looked good en healthy, there was enough water at the cat cafe,it was clean and almost every time we went to the cat-cafe there was food. We bought tins of catfood and gave it to them on a day the bole was empty. We ve never seen such a good animal aid before on our holiday and it made us happy that there are people like you who really care. Keep up the good work!! greetings fam. Bakker, from Holland
Just got home from Feuteventura. Stayed at Caleta Dorada. All the cats were so well looked after I was truly amazed. Of course one befriended us and it broke my heart to leave this morning. The cat cafes are a wonderful idea and well done to the Twinkle Trust Foundation.
We recently visitedthe Pet Cafe at the hotel Elba Sara on our recent holiday to Fuerteventura where we came across the Pet Cafe and learned about the Twinkle Trust for the first time. We were very impressed with the work the Trust does and very much enjoyed visiting and feeding the cats every day, having left our own cats in a Cat Hotel in Durham, England during our holiday. The cats were well fed, clean and very friendly and we were sad to leave them. We did however feel a bit better when we spoke to another hotel guest who was taking over our temporary role of visitng and feeding the cats each day. Keep up the good work.
Hello everyone! Well done to you all for the good work you do and for caring so much. Will be back out in Fuerteventura in three weeks and looking forward to a trip to the farm house and the warmer climate!
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