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Please leave us comments, but if you would like to inform us of a cat you are concerned about please do NOT leave messages here as we may not see it for a while, please email us on twinkletrust@aol.com or twinkletrust@outlook.com or if urgent send a message or Whatsapp to 0034 659 598 719, Thank you

Hi Sam
We are so pleased you had a great holiday and you found the cats, we are sure that they enjoyed your company as much as you did theirs, they always like to be spoilt.
Thank you also for feeding and looking after their cafe, the donation, and if you do return we would love to hear from you.
Happy future hols
Just returned from 10 days stay at the Elba Sara. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to see the ‘Twinkle Trust’ area for the cats. I washed all the bowls and brushed out their hut, lots of visits to the supermarket for cat meat and biscuits which I gave them each morning and some evenings too. Changed their water every day too. Spoke to a few holiday makers who were cat lovers too and directed them to the feeding area.

This seriously was the best bit of my holiday, last few holidays in other countries have been ruined by the lack of care for cats, dogs, horses.

You’re doing an absolutely brilliant job, I’ve made a donation and will make more when able. Hoping our next holiday will be in Fuerteventura and I’ll be in touch beforehand to see if I can help you whilst on hols xx 😘
We returned home a couple of days ago after a lovely holiday in Barcelo beach resort, Caleta. It was sooo lovely to see all the cats looking sooo healthy & well cared for & neutered. There was a cat cafe on the seafront near the marina & we brought packs of cat food which we left for the volunteers to feed the cats & at the end of the holiday we left our beach towels too. Me & my boyfriend are big animal lovers & have a pampered ginger boy at home & often when we come abroad for our holiday we are upset over the animals being neglected & buy out every super market for food as it upsets us seeing lots of cats/kittens & dogs roaming the streets hungry, neglected, not neutered/spayed & ends up ruining our holiday as we can’t stop thinking about them. So this time it was sooo refreshing to see that there are these cat cafes in Fuertuventura doing amazing work for all cats/kittens, being run by Jenny & all volunteers & cannot thank you all enough for all the love, care & kindness u give to to these fur babies 24/7.
I did contact Jenny about two kittens that we were concerned about as they weren’t at the cat cafe & were living in a bush where there was a makeshift water station & one of them didn’t seem too well & Jenny immediately contacted me back & said either herself or a volunteer would check all this out & let me know. So we flew home knowing that these two would be checked out & looked after.
We will set up a direct debit for £10 a month & later on buy another cat cafe as we are sooo grateful to Twinkle Trust for all their love & hard work & cant thank u all enough for everything u are doing so selflessly 24/7. You are all awesome & keep doing what u are doing as these fur babies need u & they are sooo lucky to have u all & massive thanks again, love & hugs xxxxx
We have just returned from a week at the Elba Sara hotel in Calete de Fuste and really enjoyed seeing, feeding, stroking and brushing the many cats by the Cat Cafe there. We think we counted 12 different cats, and my daughter gave them all names. They all looked in great health, well fed by holidaymakers and some staff, and they were very affectionate, even lying on the sun loungers!
Whilst your charity is making a huge difference to the cats in Fuerteventura, their presence made a huge difference to my Autistic daughter on our holiday. We fed them every morning after our breakfast and saw them most evenings too.
We are going to work out a way to fund raise enough money for another Cat Cafe for you.
Good Evening, I am currently staying at Las Mirasmas Hotel with my partner and our daughter. We have “adopted” (or should I say the cat has adopted us) a beautiful black and white Tom, for the duration of our holiday. He has a bowl of water and has been getting fed little bits throughout the day, and we have been rewarded with snuggles and lots of purrs. I think that the work that you do is fantastic and I cannot express how happy the cat cafes have made us, it’s lovely to see these lovely animals being treated so well. We have 3 (rescue) cats at home and it’s because of people like yourselves that our cats have had the chance that they deserved. Thank you for your dedication xx
I know you are a cat concern but I worry about the camels in the beach in Caleta, do u know if they are well cared for. The light coloured one at the front seems to limp? I hate to see them everyday and worry about them.
Good evening, I have just returned from a ten day holiday at Fuerteventura / Caleta De Fuste ... I was also in Castillio Beach ... I have been to the island more often but have never seen a street cat before ... So this was the first time that I had seen something like that ... And I must say, it was unimaginable in what I saw ... A lot of respect for your organization! My heart was also there for theme ... Wonderful to see that they are so well cared! That made me very happy! In those ten days that I was there, I made a lot of pictures of all the cats that I came across ... There was one special cat that had stolen my heart and I had to leave with a lot of effort ... I called him "Puss" Always gave him water and food and he slept with us every night on the terrace on a blanket I had given him ... Every morning when I woke up he lay there sleeping peacefully again ... Also he / she missed the tip of the left ear ... Someday I hope to see him again! And with this I would like to thank you very much for all the good care for the cats on Fuerteventura!

God bless you !!!
Hi Kate, at the Monticastillo shopping area just down the hill from you is a car park, at the bottom of the car park close to Dorada reception is a large ex camel hut which houses one of our cafes, ask in the British shop for directions if you have any troubles.
Hi I’m on holiday in Castillo club lake(Castillo beach) in caleta
De fuste. I was wondering where the nearest cat cafe is as I would like to visit.
Thank you!
Hi Jenny and team, I have signed up for donation and have sent you an email regarding a young male cat at the Geranios Hotel who needs neutering. Thank you so much for all you do.
My little cat, Bella who we adopted from Caleta and took home in January is doing well and enjoying life. Thank you for your advice on importing her, it all went nicely. Best wishes Louise x
Contacted Jenny about some little girls in need of neutering and a tom with a poorly tail - Jenny was so quick to respond and come to assess the apartment complex and work out a plan of action for trapping Neutering and treating she doesn't get a moment's rest.
And of course the costs involved in saving and helping these furbabies must leave Twinkle trust in dire need of us helping them to help the animals they care about so much - it's the least we can do to say thank you XXX

Thank you very much for the donation, it is very much appreciated.
Glad to know that she is being cared for.

Donation made, please keep up the good work.
Thank you for the kind comments Keith,
We are aware of the Calico thank you, there is food there for it, and as you say it does not let you get close.
Just back from a 5 day stay at Barceló Castillo Beach Resort and I can only say that the cat cafe's and the trust are doing a wonderful job as the of cats we came across looked well fed and healthy.

We did see a calico female that appeared to be living around the rocks by the 'wildlife' pen of the pier and was hungry, possibly not neutered but couldn't get close enough to tell.

Thank you for the comment Michelle, We are pleased you like the cafes and hope you enjoy your holiday
We are staying at Barcelo thalasso Resort and so pleased to see that there are cat cafes set up. I have never seen these before and think they are great and wanted to commend you on the great work you are doing!!!!
Dear Dawn,
Thank you very much for the kind comments, we are pleased you liked the cat cafes, Thank you also for the donation and D/debit, very kind.
Just came home from castillo beach caleta de fuste fuerteventura I was so amazed at the good work twinkle trust is doing, I have never seen cat cafes before such a brilliant idea. I dropped food in and I will be setting up a direct debit as I would love to help, absolutely fantastic idea x
We emailed a couple of days ago while on holiday in Fuerteventura and told them about a little ginger kitten we had seen that was in a bad way. After numerous responses asking where exactly it was etc and asked about whether we could maybe catch him ourselves. However, we didn't see him again. I was heartbroken thinking the worst and trying to find him everyday. Just had a response today to say that he has been found and is currently having treatment in the vets. So so happy. Lovely to see the majority of cats so well looked after! We've also made friends with a black and white cat at Castillo beach that comes round to visit every day. Thank you so much Twinkle Trust and keep up the good work!
just returned from caleta dorada hotel on Monday. fantastic job cats were well fed and looking wonderful but I did see 2 cats that I was a bit worried about.............................................."Thank you for the info regarding the cats Jackie, they are now on the list, Twinkle"
Just spent a lovely two weeks in the Sheraton Hotel. I was really disappointed to learn of no cat cafe in the grounds. I was last there in 2014 and there was one in the hotel grounds then. I did however enjoy seeing the island,s cats looking so well. It makes such a difference. Keep up the excellent work.
We stayed at the Fuertesol Apartmentms in Caletta de Fuste a couple of weeks ago. I found the cat cafes on the first day and spent lots of time feeding and fussing the cats! Most of the cats I saw had been spayed but another guest told me that unfortunately there was a white cat hanging around and it had just had kittens! I think the cat cafes are a fantastic idea! You are doing such an amazing job!
Just returned yesterday from a week at the Elba Sara Hotel, Caleta, Fuerteventura and loved the Cat Cafe. Along with others at the Hotel we ensured the 5 Twinkle Trust Cats were fed twice a day.

But, wanted to advise you of the other 6 cats which come to the Cat Cafe who are not dressed, one tabby looked pregnant and another tabby who was very timid looked worse for wear, very skinny with what may be mange and also a very bad eye. i dont know how often you look at the Guest Book, so i'll email you directly as well.
Just returned from Castillo; we'll make a donation to complete our trip!
I have just returned from a short break at Hotel Elba Sara in Fuerteventura. It was such a joy to see the cat cafe with such lovely, well fed and well self groomed cats enjoying the sun and the fuss the tourists were giving! What an amazing job you are all doing.
What a wonderful charity. We noticed a cat cafe our first day and have been looking out for them where we can. We have left food for them. I have never seen stray cats looking so healthy.
We've heard a lot about the cafes, can't wait to come and visit later this year!
What an amazing job you are doing saving the lives of cats & kittens in Fuerteventura. Its just brilliant that you cared enough to act. I too go on holiday & find it so distressing seeing how the cats are treated and many starving. Worst I seen was Split :-( . We went out twice a day to feed/give water & some love to the strays in Funchal, Madeira in Oct 16. They have one cat home there but its overrun. I have read of two great vets trying their best to help. I hated leaving one cat behind balck /white with a blaqck nose and I have to do something and still trying to get him to Uk. My issue is I have a rescue cat (so dearly loved now) who was so badly treated he can only live indoors with us both and cannot cope with the stress of any other cat.
This weekend I have sponsored 3 of your cats and hope my monthly donation will help in some way. Keep up the fantastic work Jackie x
Just back from Castillo Playa in Caleta De Fuste and it was great to see the cat cafes. Had two cats come to sleep in the apartment most days and they were healthy friendly cats. Left a donation in your box in apartments to help with the good work you do.
What a fantastic job you are doing. It distresses us so much to go on holiday and see the poor conditions in which that cats and dogs survive.We can't go to back Greece or Turkey because of this. How much more we were able to enjoy our stay at Barcelo Castillo Beach this month due to the low numbers of feral cats and the excellent feeding cafes and your regime of neutering. It was reassuring to know that these cats are treated with the respect the deserve.We will certainly be making a donation now and again in the future in gratitude of your dedication.
Thank you for the information. We are looking forward to our visit.
Hi William & Jackie,
We have 2 cafes in Broncemar, so you should have plenty of cats to enjoy, we hope you have a great time meeting your past furry friends and making new ones
Hi, we will be travelling to Fuerteventura in January 2017 and will be going to Broncemar Beach Aparthotel in Caleta de Fuste for a week and then on to Oasis Papagayo for our 2nd week there. We are familiar with the cat feeding area at The Oasis Papagayo, but do not know if there is an area for the cats or a Cat Cafe at The Broncemar Beach. If not, can you tell us where the nearet one is please? Looking forward to our holiday there and seeing the familiar faces of the cats at The Oasis Papagayo and to meeting new ones in Caleta de Fuste.
Hi, it's my last day here in Caleta de Fuste before returning to UK tomorrow after a week's holiday. I've been absolutely amazed at your Cat Cafes here and found myself to be a partial one as well - we were 'adopted' by 'Mr Scruffy' on the first day and he (she?) has taken up himself to spend most of his days on our patio where we've been feeding and watering him daily. The cleaners at Barcelo Hotel feed the cats daily but we've witnessed bullying at feed times, resulting in a few more timid cats such as Mr.Scruffy, being bullied and left without food. He's a black cat with some grey hairs around the face and back of his neck - he's probably younger than he looks but as he's painfully thin and a bit stiff on his hindlegs, his future does concern me. Could you please advise me if there's a Cat Cafe in the grounds of Barcelo Hotel Area 3 ('Majorero') - I've seen ~4 Cafes altogether around the resort but haven't seen one in this particular area? Although Mr Scruffy appears to have been sterilised (tipped ear), I'll email you once back home to give you more details about him.
Been coming to caleta for few yrs now. We stock up the cat cafes while out. Fuertesol bungalows round the back. Up the hill there is a big shelter type one in montacastilio. Another at the rocks near kids roundabout and of harbour/marina. We drop off c runchies and water
Hi Jessica, So sorry you did not find our cafes at Barceló, there are 2 inside the grounds of the hotel, one at either entrance/exit onto the beach promenade, there is also one at the harbour on the wall near the large rocks.
I hope you had a great holiday and find them when you return.
Hello, I have recently just got back from a holiday in Caleta, staying at the Barcelo and Thalasso Spa resort and I am absolutely gutted I never saw any of your cat cafes!! I did meet six stray cats and due to being a complete and utter cat person I took them under my wing! I would have loved to go to a cat cafe, donated and maintained it, but when I return next year I will definitely keep my eye out!! Keep up the good work, I was so gutted about leaving the cats I had been feeding but knowing this charity exists has put my mind at rest! Amazing xxx
I have just got back from hols in caleta, and I think you are doing a wonderful job. I love cats and fed the cats every day and cleaned the feeding station. I have a cat at home and was missing her, but all your lovely cats made me very happy. Keep up the good work. I left the last of my euros in your donation box. I will be sending you a donation later when I get paid........
Me and my partner are huge cat lovers and have just got back from staying at the Thalasso Barcelo spa. We had a brilliant time visiting the cats every day and playing with them and checking their cat cafes. What a fantastic idea....we will be back.
We are just about to return to the UK and have been staying in the Elba Sara Hotel. Like many people we have been travelling abroad for many years and have always been saddened and distressed by the condition of the local feral cats. We spotted your Cat Cafe and found out about your charity, what amazing thing you have set up. The cats are all well fed and look very happy and contented, we particularly like a little ginger Tom who use to love lying on our sun bed. Very well done fantastic achievement, I made a donation into your collecting box and will do so every time we visits the island. Regards John and Darlene Gray
Hello we came back yesterday from Barcelo Beach Resort and just loved the cat cafes, especially the pirate cat in the harbour! Met some gorgeous cats who lay with me and had ear rubs, imagine my surprise when 'the big Ginge', the absolutely huge ginger who turns up at lunch time in the restaurant decided I was his place to sleep! I would love to know more about him, he can't be a stray surely? He's too fat 😃
What a fantastic aid for these wee cats.. We are staying at the Elba Carlota just now and have came across 4 cats so far. Have scrubbed all Bowls and purchased bags of biscuits and water. All cats look well and approachable except an older black cat. She's a bit timid and seems to have a watery eye. I will mention this trust on TripAdvisor to notify other cat lovers to help too. X
We have just returned from a week at the Dorada apartments in de Fuste and came across your wonderful ‘cat cafes’

We are cat lovers and have two of our own so we can see where you are coming from

I want to say what an amazing job you do and I love you for it

We had been there one hour and heard a noise on the patio. We discovered a very healthy and friendly little girl. We fed her and invited her in. She slept on our bed all week and we fed her daily. She was the most loving cat we have ever come across and she made our holiday. When we left, we both cried (poor for 54 year olds). We left some tins of food with the security guard to continue feeding her for a while but wish we could have done more.
I have just read your website and the stories brought me to tears

If ever you are in the Dorada apartments area and see this wonderful cat, an update or photo would be wonderful – we would have adopted here and brought her home if we could

I think also, at the cat café on site, you should have a tube on the door (bit like a drain pipe), people could put tins of food into it, then they go into some crate or something. We could have left some tins there

I will also be sending some donations to you in the near future which may help you continue to do your wonderful work

To update all readers, Cloe's Thomas as she called him was taken to the house shortly after she left Fuerte, he is living the dream and all is well.
It was so nice to have been able to have given Cloe the good news.
Hi Cloe,
If you have any photos of Thomas please send them to me at twinkletrust@btinternet.com and I will do my best to see if Thomas is known to us and if we can give you an update. any info on area or room number helps us greatly.
I'm sure Thomas enjoyed your company as much as you did his, and thank you for cleaning the cat café.
Hi I've just been to the Barcelo for one week in Catela de Fuste. Despite seeing many cats one little kitten especially caught my eye. He was Black with a small amount of white on his chest. I fed him some food as often as possible and gave him water, unfortinately I didn't find your cat cafe till the last day of my trip but I did clean it out and refil the water bowels. This kitten who I named Thomas was the friendliest cat I have come across! He would jump straight into my lap and sleep there for hours constantly wanting to be stroked! I would have loved to have brought him home with me but I already have two cats and a dog myself. Just thought I would post here and see if anyone sees it as I would love to know how he is getting along if anyone happens to see him as he was quite skinny (I think due to being so young)

Feel free to contact me cloe x
Having visited Fuerteventura 9 times in the past 11 years we have got to know the cats at both Castillo Beach and the surrounding area. A few years back we found a kitten and some other holiday makers found her brother. Volunteers from Twinkle Trust came and collected them from us and they were re homed together. We had the pleasure of getting to know Sophie really well ( she was the first cat we met 11 years ago)sadly she had to be put to sleep earlier this year. This year we had the privilege of visiting the Twinkle Trust farm house and were given a tour by Andy which we are grateful for. We were able to catch Thomas who is currently at the farm house undergoing treatment for a bad inner ear infection and Andy came to collect him just before midnight one evening. The work you do with the cats is amazing and regardless of what time you get called out you still carry on day in and day out working tirelessly to help the cats. Fortunately we are in a position to be able to bring Annabella to the UK to live with our family and other cats. She will be joining us in the next couple of months.
Please support this amazing charity. Xx
Just returned from the Elba Sara for the 2nd year and love the cat cafe, We saw and took photos of 15 or more cats this year and the children have names for all over them. A few of them to name a few are Little ginge who was tiny last year, Mr Grey the all grey cat, Slim socks the black and white cat. Tiny the back and white gate keeper. Mr Fluffles the elusive cat. Missy the tabby who loved to flop. Not fogetting Spot and Smudge the friendliest off cats just outside the back of the hotel who always loved lot of fuss. We bought a cat comb/brush from the supermarket which they all seemed to enjoy along with a large bag of cat biscuits.

As a family of cat lovers - keep up the good work and can't wait to return to our furry friends again x
Thank you so much to Jenny and Catherine who came out to the Elba palace today to see a wee cat I had been feeding and was worried about. All turned out ok as they knew her and she is fine. Thank you is not enough for all the hard work and dedication you give to help these cats. I will spread the word and help when I can. The world is a better place thanks to twinkle and the wonderful people who run it.